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Questing for BB&T Customer Service then, there is no need to despondent because help is at hand and we have created this webpage on the web for making you introduce with exhaustive knowledge about the customer support sources which your adorable Branch Banking and Trust Company has evolved for you. You’ll feel happy to listen that this banking institution has contrived numerous of ways for making your genuine help which we are going to share with you through this article listed below. Therefore, we request you to drag your potential below for knowing the relevant information according to your need.

BB&T Phone Number

BB&T Customer ServiceNowadays, Most of the companies prefer phone numbers for providing assistance to their customer and Branch Banking and Trust Company has also developed some phone numbers by which you can speak with the customer care representative of the support team deployed by the firm for making your issues resolved which you are facing from this banking organization then, please pay your attention downwards for having a notice on those phone numbers.

There is a BB&T Customer Service Number listed below and this phone number is a very known number among the customers of the firm and you may use this number for Online banking.


Lines open for answering your phone calls are mentioned downwards.

Monday Timings:         9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
Tuesday Timings:         9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
Wednesday Timings:     9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
Thursday Timings:        9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
Friday Timings:            9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
Saturday Timings:                Closed
Sunday Timings:                  Closed

The timings which you have provided mentioned above may change without any previous notice and this phone number is usually some busy due to the phone calls of the customers then, it may take minimum 12 minutes in responding your call.

We have found another BB&T Number of the company and this support number is designed for solving the issues of the customers who are living in abroad so, please have a look at the International Support number below.


If you have any problem with listening phone calls then, there is an individual BB&T Customer Service Phone Number designed by the Institute for providing assistance to you which we have listed below.


If you have lost your debit card/ credit card or someone has stolen it from you and you need to stop the services of your debit card/ credit card or apply for a new one or you need any other assistance to take these types of matters then, you may call the BBT Number mentioned below.


Lines are open for answering your call from 6:00 AM ET at the phone number is given above.

If you are unable to contact the support number mentioned above for supporting you at the time you feel that you have lost or stolen your credit card or debit card then, we can understand that you need another service number of the company for getting instant help so, we are going to share another support number below with you. This phone number is also individually developed for the customers. It helps at the time of missing debit and credit card.


You can call this number from 6:00 AM ET.

Some of the customers need to claim any insurance to the company then, there is a phone number specially evolved for supporting you and this number may assist you in numerous of the insurance claim related matters which we have shared with you below.


Another phone number also ready for supporting you to take Personal Insurance Sales Center running in the name of Branch Banking and Trust Company which we have shared with you.


Looking for Life Insurance Sales Center Contact number or health Insurance Service Center Contact number so, we have mentioned below that relevant number for your service.


There is another phone number available for solving your matters to take personal insurance service contact number which we have shared with you below.


There are some other phone numbers mentioned downwards for providing assistance to you, please have a look.

For Branch Banking and Trust Company Investment Service helpline please call this phone number:- 800-453-7348

Call to this phone number for BB&T Wealth Support:- 800-388-3085

Any help regarding loan information then, please feel free to call the phone number mentioned below.


Mortgage Service Center Help:- 800-295-5744

Now, we are going to share some useful phone numbers for Business clients of the company below.

Association Service:- 727-549-1202 Toll-Free:- 888-722-6669

Cash management & Disturbance:-
Inquiries:- 800-810-5625
Client Support:- 800-774-8179
Commercial Lending Office:- 336-733-2752

Corporate Trust Helpline:- 800-682-6902

Credit Card Support:- 800-397-1253
Customer service fax: 252-296-7018
Bulk maintenance request fax: 252-296-7145
In Emergency to take Credit Card Services, you may mail at the address to the mentioned below.
Mail payments to:
PO Box 580340
Charlotte, NC 28258-0340
Mail inquiries to:
PO Box 200
Wilson, NC 27893

Credit Card Connection support:- 800-397-1253

If you need any regional office phone number of this banking institute then, there are some numbers listed below for your help.

Georgia:-                  770-868-2513
Kentucky:-                859-422-3874
Maryland:-                301-644-6558
North Carolina:-         336-733-0490
South Carolina:-         864-855-0970
Tennessee:-               423-648-7203
Virginia – Southwest:-  276-666-3621
Virginia – All others:-  540-665-4305
West Virginia:-           304-340-6962

Insurance – Preferred business sales center:- 877-643-6227

International customer service desk:- 866-228-4685336-605-1560

Foreign exchange trading desk wire transfer or Letters of credit, Collections, Foreign exchange, Foreign money orders:- 800-240-2147

Phone Numbers for some major offices of the firm listed below:-

Charlotte, NC (headquarters) | 704-954-1338
Atlanta, GA | 404-422-5104
Greensboro, NC | 336-605-1583
Richmond, VA | 804-787-1315

BB&T Equipment Finance:- 800-532-0354
Or you may write a mail to the address listed below to take BB&T Equipment Finance:
Mail inquiries to:
BB&T Equipment Finance
600 Washington Ave, Suite 201
Towson, MD 21204

BB&T Dealer Finance Support:- 800-226-5228 or you may write a mail to the address mentioned below:-

Mail payoffs to:
BB&T Dealer Finance
PO Box 2306
Wilson, NC 27894

Mail overnight payoffs to:
BB&T Dealer Finance
2713 Forest Hills Rd SW
Wilson, NC 27893

Mail payments with the coupon to:
BB&T Dealer Finance
PO Box 580048
Charlotte, NC 28258-0048

Mail payments without the coupon to:
BB&T Dealer Finance
PO Box 819
Wilson, NC 27894

Merchant Services Helpline:- 877-672-4228
Merchant Connection support:- 877-672-4228

Payroll services Assistance:- 877-228-7765

BB&T Bank Customer Service

BB&T Bank Customer ServiceSome other techniques are available on the internet which we want to share with you so if the customer service representative unable to assist you to take your issues then, some other techniques are described briefly in this heading below so, please have a look.

A webpage has been designed by your adorable company for assisting you to take your complaints or any other problem which you are facing may be solved by Branch Banking and Trust Company.

BB&T Support

There is another contact us page developed by the firm for providing best services and stay in the touch of the customer always and there is no need to find this page on the web because there is a link listed below for redirecting you at that webpage.

BB&T Contact Us

Some of the people who are also looking for the headquarters’ address of the firm and if you are also among of them then, there is mailing address is listed below for the headquarters of the company.

200 West Second Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone Number:- (336) 733-2000, 1-800-BANK-BBT (1-800-226-5228)
Fax Number:- (336) 721-3499


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