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On this page of this website, we are going to tell you about Youtube Customer Service. We have checked every customer support method of Youtube support for your assistance and we are going to share each and every method of YouTube helpdesk with you through this page on the internet. Below, we have mentioned every way by which, you may get the company’s assistance through the Internet then if you are searching for Company’s Customer Service so, we request you that read the article complete for making your knowledge wide to take Company’s Support Sources and we assure you that you’ll never need to search for Youtube Support again after completly reading  this article which is listed below for your help.

Youtube Support Number For Assistance

YouTube E-mail


Youtube is the well-known company of the United States Of America and rest of the world. We all know t very well that every big company, Industry or firm stands on the demand of fans only and this company also has a good fan following list, that’s why this company has a great name on the Internet plus company has appointed a well trained and experienced team for the support of yours. There is a support number for the Youtube Support, we have listed for your genuine help so, we request you to make your potential below on the number by which you may get the solution of your query through the number given below for your support.


The number which mentioned above for your support is known as the Youtube Toll-Free Phone Number but this number is working for those are living in the United States Of America or Canada plus the working hours for this number are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week but timings may vary for this number without previous notice.

Youtube Contact Number For Help

If you are looking for another phone number for making contact with the company’s customer service then, we want to share a very informative customer support phone number of the company with you. So, we have listed that service number below for your assistance then, please have a sharp eye on the phone number


The number which mentioned above is a Toll-Free phone number of the company and the working hours for this number are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week then, it means you may get your solutions related to your query any time.

Youtube Support E-mail For Your Support

YouTube Customer Service

If you are looking for the Youtube email then, we have a very informative information for your assistance then, most of the people use to say that Youtube has not developed any E-mail address for the customer support but this is not true and this heading educates you about various methods by which you may send E-mail to the company so, if you have a Youtube account then, you may send an E-mail to the company through that account.

If you have any security concern related to Youtube Company then, we have an E-mail address mentioned below for your assistance so, we request you to look below

If you have a channel on Youtube and you are facing any trouble regarding any query related to Youtube Company then, there is a link listed below for your assistance by which you may send your problem to the company

This is the link for the assistance of Channel Owners    Youtube Support

There is a link listed below for those have any type of dispute related to the company then, please have a look below

Youtube Dispute Support

Youtube Live Chat For Your Support

This heading has designed for those are looking for the Youtube Support through Live Chat then, we have a web page for your assistance where you may get a lot of ways for Youtube Support and this web page is developed by your video providing company and this web page is also known as the Contact Us page of the Youtube Company then, if you are looking for the online portals of the company so, click the link listed below for your assistance.

This is the link for Youtube Support    Youtube Contact Us

Below, we have provided the postal Mail address of the Youtube Company plus the official Fax number for your assistance then, please have a look

YouTube, LLC

901 Cherry Ave.
San BrunoCA 94066
Fax+1 650-253-0001



    1. Hi Bryne, There are many options for deleting all youtube videos on the internet but if your issue is other then, consult the customer support team of the Youtube by dialing the support number mentioned on this webpage.

  1. Good morning, I need Help to restore my YouTube page back. YouTube keep suspended my channel and I don’t know y

    1. Hi Dionaldo, YouTube uses to suspend channels due to violating its terms and conditions then please check the terms and conditions and check your activities what you have been done but you haven’t done anything else like that. So, we love to assist you.

  2. It’s is disable please my account able for use because in my account very important document and my personal user id so I very sad .I request for reopen my account and remove my last video uploaded
    Thanking you

    1. Hi Anket, YouTube has some terms and conditions which you need to know from YouTube official website and if you haven’t violated any rule and your account is disabled then, you can dial the phone number present in the article which directly connects you with the customer support team of this Online company.

    1. Hi Girjesh, all the guidelines and a brief information to take Youtube is mentioned on many of the web pages present on the web then, this is our advice that please check all the details before starting work for Youtube.

    1. Hi Ashok, you can reinstall this application by using Google Play Store and check the date and time then, your application will be in working.

  3. Someone has uploaded my personal videos without my permission. I need the information about how to delete those videos and file a case against the uploader.

    1. Hi Iqbal, You can inform about that to YouTube by clicking on the Report which always mentioned in every video by which you can inform to the customer support team of YouTube about your problem.

    1. Hi Sandip, There is an option always present in every video of YouTube where you can high the video quality as well as you can transform video in HD quality by using that tool and this option is mostly present at the bottom of the video.

  4. Hi . Iam operating channel on you tube and uploads my videos but Iam getting some emails from different companies they are claiming that Iam using there music or tune bt it is not so.. So just help me out what should I do to overcome from this problem

    1. Hi Harish, Please read the YouTube Terms & Conditions as well as the privacy policy very carefully, where you’ll get all the answers which you want to know plus if you are violating YouTube conditions then, your channel may be blocked permanently anytime but if you are not doing so, there is no need to worry from YouTube team and the rest things like companies are claiming to your music or anything are up to you.

  5. Hello you tube,
    I am facing a problem on you tube you tube se hmare company k song chura kr kisi aur company(pol khol news bhojpuri) ne apne channel se post kr diya h uska koi contact show ni ho rha h please help me. How to remove my song from other channels.
    Thanks & regards
    Shivaay Films

    1. Hi Madhvi, We are unable to understand the language. Kindly, use English by which we understand your language and assist you regarding your problem.

    1. Hi Raja, please make sure the process of uploading video is correct or not then, check the settings of your device as well as check the sound of videos on any other device for solving this issue.

  6. I am Really disappointed.
    I am an artist, (Dance choreographer, Teacher & singer)
    Now a days i am facing from a problem and you only can guide me with the right advise.
    I created an Online Dance tutorial channel on YouTube for the people who want to learn to dance but can’t afford the fees of professional institutes. But every time i upload the videos i get copyright strike on the song.
    Now you please tell me, how can i use any song without getting copyright strike.
    I have already serched on youtube but no one is giving me the legal way to use the songs.
    Please help me out as soon as possible,

    1. Hi Rohit, This happens due to the reason of incomplete knowledge about YouTube, we wanna tell you that YouTube is a platform where you can upload any type of video and earn good money through your videos but YouTube has some Terms and Conditions as well as the privacy policy. So, we recommend you to read all the terms and conditons very carefully for not getting this trouble again.

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