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Here, we are providing the tricks for making contact with Access Florida Customer Service. As we all know that Dept. of Child & families comes under the government of Florida and you’ll glad to know that Department has developed a lot of ways by which they can help you to take department-related matters plus a highly experienced support team has been appointed for your genuine support and we are with you in making your notice towards the contact sources for that support team which the department has deployed for your service through this page of the Internet then, there is a request to you that please look below.

Access Florida Phone Number

Access Florida Phone Number

The Dept. of Child and families evolved some customer support phone numbers for your assistance and we are going to share all those support numbers with you with the help of this heading that’s why all the phone numbers are listed below so, we request you to look below for getting all those phone numbers.

Most popular My Access Florida Phone Number developed by the department for your help is mentioned below so, please have a look.


The working hours for the customer service number mentioned above are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST and according to a survey, we analyzed that the best time to call is 8:05 AM.

Plus you may check the link which we have given below for making you close to the department support.

Access Florida Help

If you want to apply for Medicaid for your children then, you may submit a Florida KidCare application and if you need assistance to take this matter so, please feel free to call the toll-free numbers given beneath.

(888) 540-5437

The timings are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week for responding your call through the number listed above but timings may change without any previous notice and the best time to call this number is 3:45 PM.

Department of Child & Families has evolved another Access Florida Number, especially for the people, have the problem in listening phone call which we have shared with you underneath then, please have a look.

(877) 316-8748

And you may also check the link listed below which redirects you to the website has been designed by the department for making your help for applying Florida KidCare application so, please look below for getting that link.

Florida KidCare

Some of the people move Florida from another state, who had Medicaid in the previous state, need to apply for Medicaid in Florida. People who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) need to contact Social Security for informing them about their new address when they move into or out of Florida region. Call the toll-free Florida Medicaid Number of social security with the help of the phone number mentioned downwards.

(800) 772-1213

And the people have the problem in hearing then, there is phone number evolved especially for them which we are going to share with you below.

(800) 325-0778

Or you may check the link listed below for the website developed for Social Security matters.

Social Security Support

Most of the people need to choose a plan, best in your area to take then, there is a phone number mentioned below for your genuine help and this is our duty to inform you that before checking the plans, you must have to enroll in Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) Program then, if you already have enrolled so, check the My Access Florida Number given below for your assistance.


We want to inform you that a website is available on the web for supporting you in selecting the plan and there is no need to search for that website on the web because there is a link given below for making you redirect to that website then, use your computer for reaching that website.

Florida Managed Care

If you want to stop Medicaid coverage so, it means you need to contact DCF then, if you are in Florida so, you can call Florida Medicaid Phone Number mentioned below for performing your help and if you are not in Florida then, there is mailing address given below on which you may write to DCF regarding stop your Medicaid plan.

(866) 762-2237

And the mailing address is:-

ACCESS Central Mail Center, P.O. Box 1770, Ocala, FL 34478-1770.

There is a webpage developed by the department for those want to know the eligibility criteria for applying Medicaid and there is no need to go anywhere for getting the link for that website because there is a link already given below for making you redirect for that website.

Medicaid Eligibility Criteria

My Access Florida Phone Number

We want to inform you that Medicaid and Medicare are two separate programs so if you have any query or you need any help to take Medicare then, there is an individual phone number is available for you which we are going to share with you below.

(800) 633-4227

And the people have trouble in listening the phone call may check the TTY number provided below for assistance to take Medicare.

(877) 486-2048

Or you may visit the website of the dept. for which a link is given below.

Medicare Web

In some cases, if a person only receives Medicare only, he or she still may be eligible for the expenses through the programs are as following.

Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMB)

Qualifying Individuals 1 (QI-1)

Special Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries (SLMB)

If you want to apply one of these programs and We all know that dept. of child & families provide Medicaid card and if you need to replacement card so, please feel free to call the dept. of child & families through the toll-free number provided below.

(866) 762-2237

Or you may check the link listed below.

Access Florida

For recipient or provider who needs assistance from the Medicaid Beneficiary Services Unit with a non-eligibility related issue, you may feel free to call the phone number listed below for your help.

(877) 254-1055

If you need to file a complaint or you have a problem with a Medicaid program care plan then, the department is with you in resolving your issue that’s why they have designed a webpage from where you may file your complaint and department of child & family assure you that your issue will be resolved as soon as possible. Please have a look below for getting that link.

File a Complaint

Or you may speak with the Medicaid executive on the number provided below.


The most important information is for you that Dept. of Child & Families has provided you the right for appealing any decision made about your Medicaid application or reduction of your benefits, you can request a hearing by the phone number given below.

(850) 488-1429

Or you may write to the mailing address provided downwards.

Department of Children and Families, Office of Appeal Hearings, Building 5, Room 255, 1317 Winewood Boulevard, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700.

The Access Florida Fax Number:- (850) 487-0662

Or you may E-mail to the dept for appealing through the E-mail address listed below.


  1. Hi Florida ACCESS:
    Can I get my EBT balance deposited directly to my checking account as I have a debit card tied to it.

    1. Hi Philip, You need to Contact Access Florida over phone via the contact number listed here for knowing any of the information related to your account.

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