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Are you searching for Chegg Customer Service then, we love to help you that’s why we have written an article for your convenience and we assure you that after reading our article, you’ll get each and every answer related to Chegg customer support. Chegg Company belongs to the Education Industry and the customer support team of the company is eagerly waiting for coming in your contact for making solve your issues to take any of the problem of yours which you are facing related to the company plus we have checked every way for making you close to the company, which we have given below then, we request you to drag your attention downwards for collecting the information to take contact details of the customer support team appointed by Chegg for your support.

Chegg Phone Number Support

Chegg Customer Service

The company has developed customer service phone number of your assistance and if you are also looking for the support number which makes you close to the customer support team of the company then, we love to assist you. So, There is a customer support phone number listed below by which you may contact to the help team of the company and the phone number we have mentioned below is very popular for the Chegg Support then, please have a look for the number.

+1 855-581-9873

The Company has decided some working hours to take the support number which we have mentioned above for your assistance and the working hours are Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM EST plus this number may take the time of 4 minutes to 9 minutes in attending your call.

The waiting timings and the working hours may change without any previous notice.

Chegg Customer Service Number

Your adorable company has divided her support team into many of the parts and every support team has its unique task then if you are facing any type of trouble which company’s support team can solve so, you need to know every Chegg Number for your convenience and there is no need to worry because we have mentioned every support number of the company on this web page which you are reading and we have checked every customer service number for your genuine support plus we have listed below every support phone number as well as the specific task of that contact number so, please have a look.

There is helpline number given below which assist you in many ways related to the company then, if you are in any kind of problem to take Chegg so, please feel free to call the number listed below.


We have another phone number of the Chegg Customer Service team and this phone number is also very famous support contact number of the company then, there is a request to look the number given below


If you have a query regarding the textbook then, there is a help phone number is given below for you.


If you are looking for the service number of the company regarding the E-Textbook then, there is a support number listed below for your solutions.


We have another contact number for the company for your assistance and this phone number is for those who need the support of the customer service team of the company regarding Chegg Study then, please look below for drawing the phone number in your memory.


If you are facing any problem regarding the sell books then, we have support number for you which we have mentioned below so, please have a look


Chegg Customer Care

Chegg Phone Number

In this heading, we are going to introduce some new ways by which you may contact to the support team of your adorable company then, you may glad to know that Chegg has developed a lot of ways to support you and you may also use the option of Chegg online support. Please look below for knowing the all online support sources of the company.

Company has developed a contact us page on the web for customer support and if you are unable in finding the contact us page of the company and you may use the option of Chegg Live Chat by Logging in through this web page for the Chegg Contact Us listed below then, there is no need to worry too much because we have checked this listed a link for you so, please look below

Chegg Contact Us

Chegg has developed a twitter page by which you may give your feedback on that page and your feedback will be valuable for the company plus you may share your problem on that Twitter page and company will resolve your issues as soon as possible then, the link for that twitter page is given below.

Chegg Twitter

If you want to send an E-mail to the company then, there is a link listed below for your genuine support.

Chegg E-mail

The postal Address for Chegg is given below

3990 Freedom Circle Santa Clara, CA 95094, United States

Office Phone Number:- 1-408-855-5600 and 1-408-986-8356


    1. Hi Hassan, If you are trying to unsubscribe your subscription then, please try the phone number mentioned in the article because you are not sure that why your money deducting from your account then, the live representative of the firm will truly guide you that how can you stop this.

  1. Hello, I hope you can help me to solve this problem. I have been subscribed at Chegg for a long time the past 2 or 3 months I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription and they always offer me a better price to keep it the subscription and to be charged only for $4,95 per month. Every single time they offered me the same exactly amount, as soon as I accepted the offer the follow month I’m still getting charged for $14,95 and this past month of December I got charged $16!!!!

    1. Hi Daiana, The marketing team of every company wants to maintain their customers and you can unsubscribe Chegg account by log in your Chegg account and click the cancel subscriptions under the Chegg tutor column in subscription section.

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