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This webpage is visible on this website for introducing you to Craigslist Customer Service tricks and we assure you that after reading this article completely, you’ll never need to search for the customer support to take Craigslist Company because, in this article, we are providing every support number for reaching on support team deployed by the firm for you. As we all know that your adorable company is providing its services in several countries and an individual customer service number is working for the United States and the United Kingdom. We are trying our best to share every customer service phone number with you for every country then, Please look.

Craigslist Phone Number

Craigslist Customer ServiceWe have noticed that most of the people prefer support number for reaching customer care team forasmuch we have created this heading at first for informing you about all the support number by which you can easily communicate with the customer care executive of the firm. Therefore, we request you to pay your kind attention below for getting every phone number of the firm.

Initially, we want to introduce you to the most used customer support phone number of the firm. For knowing that number please look.


Before dialing this phone number, you should know the working hours for this number and the working hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM PST.

There is another phone number also active by which you can get support to take fraud detection which we are going to share with you below and please check the timings also mentioned below before calling the number. Please have a look.


The timings are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM PST decided by the support team of the firm for the phone number mentioned above.

There is another phone number for the headquarters of the firm listed below. Please have a look.

+1 214-254-7464

Now, we are going to share a phone number compatible with the people of the United Kingdom then, if you need the assistance to take any of the matter of the firm so, please feel free to dial the phone number downwards.


Contact Craigslist

Craigslist Phone NumberIn this heading, we are telling you some other tricks by which you can easily reach the customer care team of the firm by online support methods then, please look.

There is a webpage available on the internet for supporting you to take a lot of matters and we understand your world that’s why we can imagine that it is difficult to find a particular website on the web forasmuch there is a link mentioned downwards for making you redirect to that website.

Craigslist Contact Forum

Another webpage is also created by your adorable company and this page is popular with the name of Craigslist Help page among the customers of the firm but if you are not able to get it on the internet then, we understand you and there is a link, we have already placed which redirect you to that webpage.

Craigslist Help

If you are questing for Craigslist E-mail address then, help is at hand and we are providing three E-mail address for making you connect with the customer service team of the firm. according to the support team, you’ll get the reply to your email within 24 hours so, please have some patience and kindly look downwards to get the E-mail addresses.

The most used e-mail address is and rest of two are mentioned below.

If you have received an abuse e-mail from any e-mail address then, there is a link mentioned downwards for your help and this link will redirect you to the webpage which your favorite company has been developed for your genuine help to take abuse matters.

Craigslist Abuse Matters Help

If you need to file a complaint against any Craiglist staff then, we are going to tell you that how you can do this. First of all, you need an online account of the firm and if you don’t have yet then, register a new account after it, you need to visit the company’s site for your local market and click “Abuse, FAQ, Legal” option, click “contact us” link located in General help subheading. Click the issue which type you are facing that truly described your complaint, like billing or harassment or flagging and the last step is that you need to fill the forum visible in front of you including your name, email address, location and description of your complaint. Click send email message button.

For the postal address of the company, you need to look below.

Craigslist Headquarters 1381 9th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122.


  1. To whom I been trying to reach someone on Craigslist because I haven been scammed and I been trying to get my money back and the amount is 2,400 and seller claim to be with Craigslist and with ebay motor and she had 2008 nissan Altima black for sales

    1. Hi Maudie, We understand your problem and thanks for the patience. We suggest you dial the Craigslist Phone Number for better assistance mentioned in the article.

  2. John Abbott w/ 3 D Counter Tops here in Jacksonville FL has vengefully hacked my Craigslist acct. where I cannot run or edit ads. One click of any box simply erases the page and returns me to my home page? I’ve tried everything for 2 weeks and nothing works. I need help! I have a police report that required Mr. Abbott to remove his “Travis Furr is a child molester” ads and warned that one more ad and he will be arrested for cyber bullying. Please call if you’d like. Thx. Travis Furr

    1. Hi Travis, You need to call Craigslist Customer Service as soon as possible regarding your complain to inform them about this big problem.

  3. If you care about animals you would take down the pet site due to parvo puppies being sold. This has been an issue for awhile and you have been contacted by email and people have posted this problem. Why haven’t you done anything about this

      1. Shruti how can we call customer service If the phone number listed only leads to a website where we don’t receive a response and no access to a representative?

        1. Hi Norm, If you want to connect your phone call to a live representative of the company and some phone number is not connecting your call to live representative then, there is no need to worry because all phone numbers have their working hours then, you may try another or call that phone number during working hours.

  4. Hi,
    my name is Mikhail Mironov and for some reason I can not sign in to my account. It says they will send me email but they never do it. I tried it many times. Please help with this issue.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Mikhail, there are many phone numbers are mentioned in the article listed above which connect you to the live representative of the company then, dial any of number from the phone numbers provided in the article for your help.

    1. Hi Glenn, we appreciate your patience but this is not possible that there is no reply received by you then, please check e-mail inbox

  5. why are you flagging my posts. I’m a real person and pay with credit card for auto post, but lately you have flagged my RV posts for golf cart. WHY !!!!!!!

    1. Hi Tom, we recommend you to contact Craigslist support team via the support sources present on this web page for resolving this issue.

  6. I am an HONEST used car dealer and I use Craigs list daily.In the Lansing Mi area I see at least 65% of all listings in PRIVATE PARTY are dealers.Dont you people EVER check this,I recently send a list of known dealers with posting id.I send over 30 dealer ads however NEVER received any reply from you people.The state of Michigan says this is fraud.Due to the fact they have no way to confirm taxes are paid.I see several dealers at the auto auction and some brag about selling DEALER cars on craigs list.Do I need to take legal action in this matter?

    1. Hi Tom, If you have any query or problem regarding Craigslist services then, please feel free to contact the support team of the company through the contact sources live on this web page.

  7. Hey, what happened, I used to be able to go to “all craigslistinone” and search all states at once, now I cann’t. Do you know how I can?

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