Credit Karma Customer Service Phone Number

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If you are in the search of Credit Karma Phone Number then, we love to help you and we are going to share all the phone numbers of the company. Credit Karma is a multinational company and oriented from the United States plus they have discovered a lot of sources for making your support and we are going to share all those sources with you through this article then, we need your potential on the article listed below for making your information wide to take the company’s contact details. So, please look below in the article.

Credit Karma Customer Service Number

Credit Karma Phone Number

The company has developed a Credit Karma Number for you and this phone number is really informative for you because Credit Karma appointed a well-experienced customer service team in your service and the number, given below is the source for making the contact to that support team of the company then, please look below for getting that Credit Karma Customer Service Phone Number.


The Credit Karma Contact Number mentioned above has its working hours and you’ll glad to know that the working hours are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. So, you may get the support related to the company’s matters anytime.

And there is no phone number is developed by the company instead of that number is mentioned above plus there is no Credit Karma 1 800 Number is available.

There is an E-mail Address designed by the company for providing help for you then, you may send your problem or any other inquiry to the service team of the company in your writing through the E-mail Address listed below and they will answer you shortly.

There is a fax number of the company given below but we request you not to send any personal information to the Fax number or E-mail to the company because they have your data and it is compulsory not to send personal data to the company according to the company’s guidelines. So, please look Credit Karma Fax Number listed below.

1 -855-307-7212

Credit Karma Customer Service For Support

Credit Karma Contact Number

If you don’t want to call the service team of the company and desire to enjoy the online help portals of the company then, we are always ready for your support and we have checked every door by which you may get the assistance so, we have mentioned each and every information below for your genuine help and we request you to look below at the sources.

There is a link given below for Credit Karma Customer Service and this link redirects to the contact us page of the company. When you click the link, there is another web page comes on your screen and this page is known as the contact us page of the company. There will be a drop-down menu appears on your screen and you may choose the issue which you are facing from that drop-down list for getting the solution.

Credit Karma’s Contact Us

Another webpage is also designed by your adorable company for making your answers regarding your queries and we want to share a link with you which redirects you to that webpage. This webpage is famous in the customers of Credit Karma with the name of Credit Karma Help then, please have a look below for getting that link.

Credit Karma Help Page

If you belong to Canada and facing any trouble to take the company then, we have a link for your help and this link is also developed by the company for the support of the Customers belong to Canada.

Credit Karma Canada Help

Your adorable company has developed one more webpage for those who have any query or problem to take Tax assistance. You are from those then, there is a link mentioned below for your assistance.

Credit Karma Tax Support

There is a discussion forum where you can read the people experiences to take the support team as well as if you are facing any major trouble related to the company and not getting the solution then, it may be possible that you’ll get the persons facing the same problem on that discussion forum or the experice of someone who got the solutions. So, you may check the link listed below. Please have a look.

Credit Karma Discussion Forum

Credit Karma has developed an online application by which you may get the updates of the company with many of the support options and there is no need to find those applications on any search engine because they are easily available on Google Play Store as well as you can download that application from iTunes.

If you are in the search of the postal mail address of the company then, we are providing that address below

Credit Karma Headquarter Office Address
115 Sansome Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, California, United States.


  1. Hello, (Canada)
    I’ve been trying to find a customer service help phone number and I can’t find one? I don’t understand why my credit score is decreasing instead of increasing? I’ve been making all my payments in time?
    Could you please provide me with a contact phone number ASAP I’d like to find out what is happening with my credit score.

    Hedy Hurter

    1. Hi Hurter, We are very sorry for this inconvenience from the support team of Credit Karma and we want to inform you that there are many reasons by which you were unable to get response on the support number like timings may vary and calls were busy but there is no need to worry because there are many other support sources are available on this webpage by which you can reach the support team and you can dial the support number again because we have checked and this is available now.

  2. I want to be removed from credit karma. Please seperate me from credit karma. Delete my ssn. Delete everything you have on me. Forget i exust.

    1. Hi Jon, Credit Karma has appointed a customer support team which helps you to take everything related to this company then if you have any issue with this firm kindly dial the phone number mentioned in this article by which you’ll be able to speak support team and get your solution as well as they will help you in deleting everything of yours from Credit Karma.

  3. Hi I need to update my e-mail address that is on file. I no longer have access to e-mail address I used when I signed up for Credit Karma

    1. Hi Nichele, There are a lot of customer service methods are described on this page for making you connect to the customer support team of Credit Karma and they will help you better regarding this matter.


    1. Hi Madeline, We are sorry for this trouble and we recommend you to Call Credit Karma for better assistance to take this matter.

  5. On my credit Karma it says I have a car under my name and I don’t know anything about this car information. What do I do about looking into that

    1. Hi Heather, You can Contact Credit Karma or call them via the phone number is available in front of you for getting better assistance related this matter.

    1. Hi Tina, For cancel your Credit Karma account, you need to log in with your password and then, click my account for pressing the cancel option, it’ll ask confirmation and you can easily cancel your account through the web. There is another offline solution is that you might send a mail with the request for making your account cancel but please mention your e-mail address, name, and date of birth by which they recognize you on the address of the company: Credit Karma, Inc. Attn: Account Termination P.O. Box 520 San Francisco, CA 94104-0520.

    1. Hi Roger, For changing changing your old phone number, you need to contact Member Support team of the company via writing an e-mail to the company.

  6. HI ,I was on Credit Karma a long time ago. I remembered my old email but forgot my old password . I went through all the steps to retrieve it and nothing worked . So I set up my current email and new password and still can’t get logged in . Customer support won’t answer my issues > can someone please help me get logged in . HELP!

    1. Hi Randall, We recommend to leave an e-mail to the Credit Karma Support team related your issue and we assure you that they’ll contact you very shortly.

  7. I don’t Understand why on my phone Credit, he’s asked to move all my personal information after I’ve had it for so long

    1. Hi Diane, You need to contact Credit Karma via the support e-mail mentioned on the web page for better assistance.

  8. Someone opened up an account without my permission and I am very upset.. we are without a home due to trying to my scores up

  9. I have old info I do not remember, the email is no longer working,
    It won’t let me change my email address,

    1. Hi James, click on the right side security option in the drop-down menu and enter your new E-mail address as well as your new password twice, for logging in with your new e-mail address and new password in future.

  10. I’ve been sending emails to credit Karma for so long , I always receive an email it says we got your email and we will reply to you shortly but never happen
    why I can’t call you credit karma and solved the problem with just a phone call instead of waiting for months ?
    I need customer service phone number

    1. Hi Chady, There are many other customer support sources are available on this page, please try another option, in the case of not getting reply of your e-mail.

  11. I don’t remember my old email so I made another one but it will not Except it at all it says I already have a email

    1. Hi Charles, It says you already have an e-mail because your Credit Karma account is still attached with your old e-mail and for changing it, you need to log in via your existing e-mail address but if you have forgotten that e-mail address then, please feel free to contact the support team of the company for genuine solution.

  12. This Greg Ezell and I dnt kno why credit Karma got a blocked on my account and want let me change my password or reset it,,,but I was try to get internet in my name and I was told that credit Karma has a blocked on it

    1. Hi Greg Ezell, there are many reasons by which Credit Karma can block your account but for knowing the reason of blocking you, you need to contact the support team of the company.

    1. Hi Clint, You can look your name in the top right corner then, click on the settings option in the drop-down menu then, you need to enter your new e-mail address along with your new password twice.

    1. Hi Florence, for knowing the deep knowledge about it then, you should contact Credit Karma over phone with the help of number listed on this page.

  13. I love having my Credit Karma app, and I love reviewing all the information on it that it offers me.… I am very dissatisfied that after several back and forth emails and over 6 months I cannot get support on resetting my account… I do not have access to Work emails yet they continue to come after I have repeatedly asked support to stop. I cannot access Credit Karma on a work computer…I have asked that it be made to my personal gmail address which the app tells me I already have an email account for, however I cannot reset a password because it keeps going to My work email. I would like someone to please help me reset this account entirely so I can use the app and enjoy the services you Provide. I also refer many people to this site.
    I have also asked that the account for dd***** be Closed! He accessed Creditkarma one time on my phone, his information saved which exposes his credit

    1. Hi Kay, we are very sorry for the inconvenience faced by Credit Karma but company has designed the portal by which you can change your e-mail address along with your password. The safety and security of your account is the priority of the company that’s why they don’t allow to use multiple e-mail address for an account and rest of your problem can surely assist by the representative of the firm and you can contact the support team representative via the e-mail address mentioned on this web page.

    1. Hi Jamie, you need to write an e-mail to the customer service team of the company regarding your issue via the e-mail address is listed above in the article.

    1. Hi Vernon, If you already have a Credit Karma account and you are unable to log in then, tell us what error you are facing and if you facing trouble during sing up then, what type of error, you are facing

  14. I can’t login in to my account at all someone has stolen my identity please help me and get in contact with me ASAP thank you

    1. Hi Deathera, You should contact Credit Karma through the contact sources present on this web page ASAP to inform them about this theft.

  15. I have a couple problems I can’t login into my account. This is the problem I recommended my husband JAQ to join Credit Karma. But he log in with my computer and email. So now every time I log in I get my husband information instead of mine. I change the password a couple times. But that have not work I think it made the problem worst. The second problem is, I join a couple of years ago but through my work email and that’s another problem. And retired and that email is cancel through my employer. I need to check my credit I am having problem with one of my accounts. I really enjoy your website it is very helpful and I want to keep my membership.

    So I am hoping someone will contact me to resolve this problems.
    Ms. L.Q.

    1. Hi Lillian, We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience you are facing and we request you to write an e-mail to the company on the e-mail address mentioned in the article along with all troubles you are facing and you’ll surely get support.

  16. What is wrong with your website it’s sending me in circles please fix it so I can retrieve my information

    1. Hi Ken, you need to write an e-mail through the e-mail address listed in the article for better help on this matter.

  17. I am very disheartened to know that when I first sign on with Credit Karma a few months later I would not be able to have assess to my own personal information. I have gone 2 years in trying to sign into my account, but little to no avail have I been able to do so. This company just like many others are less than professional, especially when it holds so many people personal information. If I am unable to retrieve my information as this company has promised its consumers very soon, I will file a grievance with the States Attorney General, as it appears that someone has not thought this company’s mission out thoroughly.

    1. Hi Brenda, we recommend you to Contact Credit Karma related to these issues through the sources are available on this web page.

  18. My ex wife used my SSN and opened an illegal account with you guys. I tried to log on and it said I already had an account. I’ve never been on here she admitted to doing it and gave me the password but how to I open account for myself. Please contact me so I can get this resolved.
    Thank you!
    Steven Spaulding

    1. Hi Steven, For that Credit Karma needs to recognize your identity and this matter is related to the safety purpose of your account then, we request to write an e-mail to the Credit Karma Customer Support via the e-mail address mentioned in the article for better and quick assistance.

    1. Hi Ray, we are sorry but there is no call back service is available but you can write an e-mail to the company via the e-mail address is provided above for being in the touch of Credit Karma Support team.

  19. I need a phone number for credit karma! I cancelled my direct deposit in my savings account a couple days before it was suppose to come out. Credit karma still tried to take $20 out of my bank and it was not available so now I have a return fee of $35. I need this fixed please. Need to SPEAK to a customer service representative about this over the phone!!!

    1. Hi Shawna, Credit Karma is not providing any phone number for help but you can try the links mentioned in this article for your assistance.

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