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If you are finding sources for Doordash Customer Service then, help is at hand and we are providing every customer service source of the company through this webpage plus we are briefly describing you that how to use those support sources for reaching the customer support team of the firm. As we all know that Doordash is very popular for providing fine services and their cooperative behavior that’s why they have developed sufficient customer care sources for the help of people to take their services which we are going to share with you through this article mentioned below. Please have a look.

Doordash Phone Number

Doordash Customer ServiceWe have noticed that many of the people are looking for Doordash Customer Service Number for contacting the live executive of the firm and if you are also among of them then, there is a great news for you that we are successful in discovering customer support number by which you may conversate with the firm and we are going to make your kind notice towards that phone number through this heading.

There is one and only Doordash Number available which allows you to connect with the company which we have shared with you but this number is not available for 24 hours in a day. The working hours for this number are also mentioned below after the phone number. Kindly have a look.

+1 650-681-9470

The working hours are 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM and 7 days in a week for the Doordash Customer Service Phone Number but we aware you that the working hours may vary due to many of the reasons without any prior notice on any of the website.

Doordash Customer Support

Doordash Phone NumberIf you need to contact the firm but working hours have been passed away which we have mentioned above for Doordash Contact Number then, there is no need to worry because a support team has been appointed by Doordash which always ready to assist you on any of the matter related to the company and we are going to draw your kind notice towards those support sources which assist you after the working hours through this heading plus you can use these support source in the working hours too.

As you have seen that there is one and only phone number that is provided above which makes you close the company because there are many online support tricks also available for your genuine help to take different matters related to the firm because we have analyzed that phone numbers are usually busy and customers need to wait for a lot that’s why we appreciate these online methods. So, there is a Doordash E-mail address is mentioned below for your support. Kindly have a look.

Your adorable Company has been developed a Doordash Support page which supports the customers to take various matters related to the firm and if you are unable to find that support page on the search engines then, there is no need to worry a lot because there is a link provided below for that support page by which you can easily reach on that page by clicking the link only.

Doordash Support

If you need the assistance of the support team to take delivery services then, help is at hand and we want to inform you that there is a Doordash Online Support portal present on the web where you can use all the help features of the firm but you need to log in the online account of the company but if you still not have an online account of the firm which usually generated by the firm to their customers then, there is no need to worry because you will find an option on that page for creating a new account and you can easily create a new account for your help and many other facilities of the firm. Many of the people are unable to get that page on the internet that’s why we have mentioned a link below which redirect you to that page.

Doordash Help

Another webpage is also available on the internet and this webpage designed for communicate with the customers by your adorable and a lot of information has been provided by the support team of the company to take many of the different matters related to your common problems as well as the major problems which you may face or facing plus this page tells you many of the methods for conversating with live representative of the firm and much more. If you are unable to find that page through the search engines then, there is no need to worry because we have already mentioned a link downwards which redirects you to that webpage. Please have a look.

Doordash Customer Support Page

The mailing address for the company is provided below for your convenience. Therefore, we request you to look below for it.

2375 Prosser Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA.


  1. Doordash,
    The 4.5 star on fireside pies is a farce. We received two pizzas that were terrible. Worst pizza in town and it was like someone emptied the salt shaker on top. Meatballs were salty and meat was sub-standard, meaning there were hard things like bone in it. The salad was good until my husband bit down on a seed of an olive or something hard like that. Last time we will order from Fireside Pies and expect to be fully reimbursed for this horrible experience.
    Debbie Mercer
    Waited on hold to report this verbally, but became a ridiculous time to wait and music was blaring.

  2. I signed up for Doordash, received my kit and started dashing. Slowly, I learned how everything works and did some hours work. I have received MY FIRST PAY $31.44. I tried to log in to schedule a dash time and could not get into my account. I thought I forgot my pass word. But went through the change my pass word process and still cannot get in. Well, I’m about to figure this is because I’ve been fired or the app stopped working. Now, I’ve tried to log in on my desktop computer and still no access. This time I feel I’ve been fired. Is this because now Door dash has all my banking information and can now withdraw twice as much as they have deposited? Is there a CROOK on the line somewhere? What’s up?

    1. Hi Rosemary, we can’t reply anything without knowing the reason of all these things, we advice you to Call Doordash through the contact number mentioned on this page for your help.

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