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Guys, we have brought Duke Energy Customer Service for your assistance on this pageAt this time, when you read this whole webpage of this informative website, you would find that all the relevant sources which will be very helpful to you to resolve your issues and problems regarding this company’s customer support. We have provided all the contact details and support sources which your adorable firm has discovered for you by which they can provide good service to you aways.

Duke Energy Phone Number For Assistance

Duke Energy Customer ServiceAs we know the fact that Duke Energy is an electrical power holding company, based in the United States Of America and they has a goodwill in the market of Electrical Power Holding. So you may assume this is very difficult that this company has made a goodwill in the perception of the United States. Generally, companies do one thing to maintain and increase its goodwill, this company has also done the same but they have appointed a customer care team for maintaining their goodwill for always and they will sort out every kind of problem related to the firm.

You want to contact Duke Power Customer Service team or you have any kind of issue regarding Duke Energy, you may call at the number which is the best toll-free number of this company and it is given below,


The working days for this number are From Monday to Friday and timings for it are 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. but when you dial this number, it may be busy. So the best time for calling is 8 A.M.

For another Duke Energy Number, please look below.


If the customers belong to Ohio and Kentucky, they can call in the case of fraud or suspicion at the following number, a question is coming in your mind that whether a person is a legitimate representative of Duke Energy or not, then for verifying the person’s identity, you may easily contact at this Duke Energy Customer Service Phone Number which we have brought for you, kindly make this number in your notice,


We have given specific contact details according to your location, please make sure that you do belong to following locations which are given below,

If you do belong to Pinellas, you may call at this Duke Energy Customer Service Number,


You can call at this number any time when you feel free and easy to call because it works 24*7, mean to say that you can dial this number 24 hours and all seven days in a week but the best time for calling at this number is 8:45 A.M for the quick response.

If you are from Orlando, then you can easily contact the support team via this Duke Power Phone Number number,


You do belong to all other Florida locations and nationwide, then you may easily connect with the number that is given below for your help, note it down,


For power outages, you can Call Duke Energy via the number that is for your support,


You are interested in calling to headquarter instead of calling customer care, then the contact number of the headquarter of Duke Energy is here,


Duke Energy Contact

Duke Energy Phone NumberWe adjudge that the digital methods by which you can contact the adorable support team of the firm is also working and these techniques are also playing a very vital role in making you close to customer service team by which you can solve your every issue then, we have designed this heading for endowing all the digital methods to you by which you can fix your issues digitally.

You want to go to the contact us page of this company, then we have made your way very simple to reach on that page and you’ll love to listen that this contact us page allows you to send an e-mail to the firm in your own language. Here, we are giving you a link to the contact us page of the company by which you never feel dizzy in the search of this webpage then, you only need to click the link listed below by which this link redirects you to that page. Kindly, pay your attention to that link which is given downwards,

Duke Energy Contact Us

The Duke Energy Help page is also playing a very important page from where you can get the assistance on the matters related to the firm because this webpage tells you all the phone numbers and the mailing addresses which go to the company for every location.

Duke Energy (NC & SC) Help

Are you active on Twitter, if yes then, you’ll complacent to know that your adorable brand is also has created a support page on this social networking platform where you can get all the answers of your questions and solutions of your every problem related to the firm as well as you can get updates through this webpage but there are many unofficial webpages are also exist on Twitter on the name of the company that’s why it may be some difficult to find the official support page on twitter but you never need to be worry because we have already mentioned a link which redirects you to that twitter page. Please look the link to it.

Duke Energy Twitter Support

For knowing the mailing address of the company is provided below. Please look.

Mail Payments:
Duke Energy
P.O. Box 1004
Charlotte, NC 28201-1004

General Correspondence:
Duke Energy
P.O. Box 14042
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Overnight or Express Mail:
Duke Energy
10101 Claude Freeman Dr. 225N
Charlotte, NC 28262


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