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Are you going to find for Etsy Customer Service sources then, you love to hear you that luckily you have reached the right webpage? Most of the search engines recommend this webpage for the customers who are finding the customer care team of the company. As we all know that has a big name in the world of E-commerce and they have spread their business in several countries then, in this case, you need to get the support sources those are compatible for your country. We tell you that this page has been created for the people who are living in the United States Of America, Canada, and Australia so, if you are the part of these locations and you need Etsy support, kindly look below for knowing the help sources.

Etsy Phone Number

Etsy Customer ServiceThere are some support numbers provided in this article which the customers use to get assistance from the customer care team appointed by the firm for your service. Therefore, we request you to drag your kind attention below for knowing all the support numbers. Please look,

The well-known Etsy Customer Service Number of the company is listed below which we are going to share with you below. Please look,


The business hours for this number are 24 hours in a day and working days are all 7 days in a week but business hours may vary due to many of the reasons.

Another Etsy Customer Service Phone Number of the firm is also provided below. Please have a look.


Some of the folks are also searching for Etsy Fax Number which we are going to share with you below. Please look.

(718) 855-7956

Contact Etsy

Etsy Phone NumberYour adorable E-commerce company love the digital world that’s why they are the star of the Internet sky and they have developed a lot of online customer support sources instead of the support numbers for the customers love to use which we are eager to share with you through this heading, kindly have a look below for knowing those tactics.

There is a help page also active on the internet and this help page is developed by your adorable customer support team of the firm. The customers trust on this page a lot and most of the customers use this page for getting instant help but sometimes customers are unable to find this page by using their web browser and if you are also among them then, there is no need to worry a lot because we have already mentioned a link below which redirects your click to that help page and you only need to provided describe your problems on that page.

Etsy Help Page

For Australia, please check this link Etsy Help

We have found a website on the internet on which your adorable firm has been started in the format of forums where you can make your community of the customer needs Customer Service plus the executive of the firm is also usually active on that page of the web for answering the people related to the troubles which they are facing to take the company. So, if you are also looking for a forum like that but still unable to find it by using your browsers then, we love to assist you forasmuch we have mentioned a link below which really helpful for redirecting your click to that page.

Etsy Forum Page

If you are looking for the Etsy E-mail address so, we urge you to look below for collecting the E-mail address which helps you to send your word to the firm by using your e-mail address. Please look.

Etsy has created a page on the Twitter as well as the Facebook and if you have an account on these social engines then, you also can be the part of the followers of the company plus you can chat with the live representative of the firm and get the answers to your every question but we suggest you not to find these pages by yourself on the web because some fake pages are also active on these social networking websites with the name of the firm and there is no need of worry to think that where to find those pages because we already provided two links below which redirect you to those pages.

Etsy Facebook

Etsy Twitter

For the mailing address of this E-commerce company, please look downwards.

Etsy, Inc.
55 Washington Street, Suite 512
Brooklyn, NY 11201


  1. On August 10, 2018 I ordered a dragon pop up card for my daughter. As of today August 17, 2018 I have not received it. What is your problem?

    1. Hi Charles, We are very sorry from Etsy for this inconvenience and we suggest you to call the support team via the phone numbers present in the article for informing the company about this problem.

  2. I opening a store on etsy and want to include shipping in price of article. As of this minute I have not been able to find a way to list the item without filling in all the info about shipping. Can I simply give the buyer a price that includes shipping. I have been working on this far too long and would like a simple answer and a simple way to accomplish this task.

    1. Hi Anne, Shipping prices vary due to different locations that’s why we recommend you to Contact Etsy Customer Service team for better information.

  3. I have emailed etsy regarding my birthday gift card in which I have been unsuccessful redeeming with no follow-up from etsy. What’s more frustrating is there’s no phone number to call. Get it together!

    1. Hi Shelly, we are very sorry for the inconvenience from Etsy and we request to Call on the phone number mentioned in the article for quick solution of your problem.

  4. one lousy and irresponsible company, you cannot talk to anybody, they favor is deal with the seller, well the seller is the one I got problem with, so good luck to solve your thing is do not deal with this company.

    1. Hi Sang, we are very sorry for the problem you have faced from Etsy and please feel free to Call Etsy through any of the support source present on this web page.

    1. Hi Connie, we have made this support page for the US, UK and Australia then, please tell your country name, we’ll provide you the best support number for your location.

  5. I have Contacted customer support and no one returns answers I paid for express upgrade shipping on my item I have no idea where it’s at

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