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Are you looking for Experian Customer Service then, help is at hand and we tell you each and every contact detail for the organization. Experian has developed a lot of sources for your support and we are going to share all those sources with you. We assure you that you never need to search for company service number after reading the whole article listed below then, you need to read the complete article given below for making yourself close to the support team of the company. So, we request you to drag your attention below.

Experian Phone Number

Experian Phone Number

The Organization has designed a support phone number for your service and this customer service number of the company is very famous for the customers plus the organization appoint a well-educated and experienced customer support team for your help and team is eagerly waiting for your calls as well as this service number will also assist you to take technical issues then, you need to make your potential below for knowing that support number.


The phone number which we mentioned above for your help is available 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week but timings may be changed without any previous notice.

We have another customer care phone number developed by the organization is given below for your service then, please have a look.


There is a phone number listed below and this contact number is also designed by your adorable organization and this Number can assist you to take Credit Services plus there are three ways for sending E-mail are also given below for your support then, there is an E-mail Address plus rest of two ways are web pages designed by the company’s support team for your help but we want to aware you that these sources for sending e-mail are not for your every solution instead of Experian has appointed specialist of different department and e-mail address both of the links have their individual task but there is no need to think how you know that which link is related to its particular task because we have given every information below for your support.

1 888 243 6951  This is the support number for solving your problem to take Credit Service.

There is an E-mail Address of the Customer Support Team of the Organization and this E-mail Address can assist you to take Data Breach Support.


There is a link listed below by which you may send an E-mail to the organization for the support related General inquiries then, you only need to click the link and it will automatically redirect to that page where you may feel that Now, I can send E-mail to the organization.

General Inquiries

We have another link which supports you to take Business Credit Services and the webpage which open after clicking the link is also designed by the organization. So, please look below for getting that link.

Experian Business Credit Services

Experian understand your world and they know your problems well that’s why the organization has introduced a contact number for your support and this phone number is only for those who are looking to freeze their credit then, please look below for getting that number.


If you are unable to make the call on the number given above for freezing your credit then, you may use the online services of the organization. Experian has developed a web page by which you may be able for making freeze your credit and there is no need to worry to take this tension that where you’ll get that link because there is a link listed below for your help and this link redirects you to the web page which the organization has designed for you.

Experian Freeze Your Credit

Experian Support team loves to help you that’s why the organization has developed too many ways for your support then if you are looking for helpline number of the organization to take Commercial Credit Services then, there is a contact number given below for your genuine support.

1 800 520 1221

If you are facing trouble to take business credit disputes then, the support team of the organization happy to help you and they have developed two E-mail Addresses, Phone Number plus a web page for making your support and every E-mail Address has its unique task as well as the web page has it’s another task but you don’t need to worry because we have mentioned every information below for your help.

There is an Experian Dispute Number given below and this contact number helps you to take Business Credit Disputes. So, please look at the Number below

1 888 211 0728

The Organization has decided working hours for the mentioned above and the timings are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM PT.

Now, we are going to share an E-mail Address of the support team appointed by the organization and you may send an E-mail to this E-mail Address listed below for submitting Business Credit Disputes, E-mail you marked-up business credit report with Explanation.


Another E-mail Address is given below and you may write an E-mail for obtaining a copy of a commercial credit report based on credit denial or adverse action and you must have a denial of credit letter.


Now, we are going to share a link with you and this link redirect you to the web page where you may purchase a copy of your commercial credit report.

Order Your Business Credit Report

People those are looking for Experian Contact Number of the organization to take Data Breach support are need to look below for getting the service number and E-mail Address designed individually for your support.

1 866 751 1323

And the E-mail Address for Data Breach Support is given below


Another E-mail Address assist you to take Data Breach Info


If you are looking for the Experian Telephone Number for solving your query to take Marketing Services then, a service number listed below for your support.

(877) 902-4849

And you may send your inquiry to take marketing services in words through the links those are provided below.

Experian Marketing Services Help

Experian Marketing Services Support

We have another phone number for your support and this number helps to solve your problems those are facing by you regarding Decision Analytics which we have provided below.

1 888 414 1120

Looking for Experian Number to take Automotive then, an E-mail Address for general inquiries and a Phone Number for your assistance are listed below.

1 888 754 9977


If you are leading Small Scale industry and you need the help of the organization then, the organization developed two individual Experian Customer Service Number for your support and one of them assist you to take marketing services and other will supports you regarding business credit services.

Marketing Services:-  1 800 588 3657

Business Credit Services:-  1 800 520 1221

There are two links given below those are for general Inquiries for Marketing Services and Business Credit Services but these links are only useful for Small Scale Industrialist.

Experian Marketing Services

Experian Business Credit Services

If you are facing any technical issue which the support team of the organization can solve then, there is a contact number listed below specially developed for your support.

1 800 854 7201

The working hours for the phone number mentioned are 4:00 AM to 7:00 PM PST and 5:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST for Saturday.

And if you are searching a phone number of the organization on which support team can assist you regarding Business Name, Address and Facts verification so, a phone number given below plus there is an E-mail Address also mentioned below for those are looking the help for reporting their business accounts.

1 800 520 1221


Experian Contact Sources

Experian Customer Service

Experian has developed a lot of other support sources for your support instead of Phone Numbers and we want to make your kind notice towards all those sources then, there is a request to you that look below and read the rest of this heading with concentration.

Experian has designed a web page for your help and that web page is popular to the customers with the name of Experian Contact Us page and if you are unable to get the page on any of the search engines then, there is no need to worry too much because we are always ready to assist you that’s why we have given a link below and this link will redirect you to the page of Experian Contac Us web page. Therefore, we request you to look below for getting that link.

Experian Contact Us

We have another link which also very much supportive for you and it also redirect you to a web page where you may look a lot of help option then, look below for checking that link

Experian Help

We have the Address of Experian Corporate Office as well as the phone number for there which we are sharing with you below then, please drag your kind attention below for knowing the Address.

475 Anton Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone Number: 1 714 830 7000
955 American Lane
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone Number: 1 224 698 5600

Experian Customer Service Phone Number

If you belong to the UK and looking for help regarding the problem which you are facing from Experian then, some of the support numbers are listed below for you.

0344 481 0800

0800 013 88 88

Lines are open Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM the phone numbers mentioned above and the number 0800 is the toll-free number if you call from the UK Landline Number and 0344 charges normal rates in the UK.

And a very popular Experian Dispute Phone Number for Customer Service Team of the organization listed below

022 6641 9000

There is an E-mail Address developed the organization for the people of the UK which we are sharing below with you.


And you may write to Experian Corporate Office Address which we have mentioned below

CreditExpert, PO BOX 7710, Nottingham, NG80 7WE

There is a link given below which organization has developed of the people are looking for Experian Contact Us webpage in the United Kingdom.

UK Experian Contact Us



  1. I cannot apply “BOOST” to me account …. I have been trying for 3-4 weeks and I am unsuccessful. I am now VERY frustrated. I need help. I must be doing something wrong.
    I appreciate your assistance.
    Thank you sooo much.
    Leslie A. Cournoyer

    1. Hi Leslie, If you need Experian support then, you need to Contact Experian Customer Service team through the support sources are listed on this web page.

  2. I’m trying to dispute a charge for something that I have no knowledge of. I ha an ITIN number so I have issues speaking on the phone with someone.

    1. Hi Fernado, this web page provides the customer service numbers for the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, if you belong to some other country then, please tell us the name of your country, we’ll provide the best support number working for your location

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