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Having an issue with booking movie tickets then, Fandango Customer Service team is always ready to help you. Fandango Company has developed a lot of support sources which make you close to the customer support team of the firm like phone number, support web pages, etc and you’ll feel happy to know that we are going to share all those support sources with you through this article. So, if you are facing any type of trouble to be solved by the support team deployed by the Company then, please feel free to use the options listed below for reaching the customer care team of the firm.

Fandango Phone Number

Fandango Customer ServiceCustomers mostly use support number for any inquiry, assistance or solving any matter related to the company because support numbers use to make your phone call redirect to a live representative and we believe human understand well more than a machine that’s why we want to share the phone number with you first. Please look below.

This is one an only Fandango Customer Service Number of the firm which we are going to share with you below and please check the business hours mentioned below the number of the availability of this number.


The working hours applicable to this phone number are Monday to Sunday: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM PST but these timings may vary due to many of the reasons and this number usually takes some time in answering your phone call. The best time to dial this number is 8:45 PM. Press 1 then, 3 then, stay on the call for the live representative.

For Member services or any other issue to take Member services, you may dial the phone number mentioned below and this call will be picked by the live representative of the company plus if networks will keep your call in waiting and a lot of time has been passed to your phone call in wait then, you can disconnect the call because customer service representative may call back to listen to you.


Timings are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week for the number mentioned above but timings may vary due to many of the reasons. Best time to call this number is 10:05 AM.

For Automated Help Phone Number please have a look below and this number is also picked by the live representative of the firm and call back facility is also active on this number.


This phone number is also ready 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week but business hours may vary due to any occasion and other reasons. The best time to dial this number is 3:30 PM.

Fandango Contact

Fandango Phone NumberWe found some other tactics for getting the solutions of all types of issues may be solved by the customer care team of the firm which we are going to share with you through this heading. Please have a look below.

Initially, we want to introduce with the support page of the company and this page is also popular with the name of help page of the firm from where you can send your issues to the support team in your writing and Fandango Service Team try its best for solving your issues in 72 hours. This page will also help you to take Fandango E-mail Address. We understand that it is not possible to get that webpage easily on the internet that’s why we have mentioned the link below for making you redirect to the company.

Fandango Support

Searching for Fandango Live Chat then, it is very easy to use live chat option for reaching the support team of the firm, there is an official webpage active on the internet which allows using live chat facility for getting the answer of your every question and you use the link for redirecting to that webpage listed downwards but please check the timings given below the link.

Fandango Live Chat

The timings are Monday through Sunday: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM PST and timings may vary without any prior notice on any of the website.

There is another page is also available for helping customers’ related matters and a link is mentioned below for redirecting you to that help page.

Fandango Help

Now, we are going to share the mailing address to take Fandango Headquarters, Please look.

12200 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 150Los Angeles, CA90064.
Phone Number:- (310) 451-7690
Fax Number:- (310) 451-7861

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