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Looking for Green Dot Customer Service then, help is at hand. If you are facing any type of trouble or you have a query related to Green Dot Corporation so, there is no need to worry about it because Corporation has developed a lot of sources for your assistance and we are going to share all those sources with you on this web page. For collecting all the contact details of the corporation as well as the company’s customer service phone number, you need to read the full article listed below for your help.

Green Dot Customer Service Phone Number

Green Dot Customer Service

Corporation has developed customer service number for your assistance listed below then, there is no need to face any of the problem related to the corporation. The Phone Number is listed below may assist you in may of ways but this support number is specially designed for making report a stoled, lost or damaged card and this number is for those are looking for the company’s support number to take dispute at transaction plus this number is also assisted you to take the Green Dot Bank Phone Number. This phone number is very popular customer support number of the corporation among the customers of the company so, we request you to drag your attention below on the number.

(866) 795-7597

This is the toll-free number which we have mentioned above and the working hours for this number is 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week but these timings may vary due to any occasion.

When you’ll dial the phone number listed above then, the number will require your card number and the security number for proceeding ahead and you’ll need to press 5 for connecting your call with the live customer service representative of the company.

Green Dot Card Customer Service

We have some informative contact details for the company which we have listed below then, please have a look below

If you have any trouble to take Investor relation then, we have a Green Dot Investor Relation Phone Number and E-mail Address for your support which we have mentioned below


E-mail Address:

If you are looking for Green Dot Public Relation Office Phone Number then, you need to look below for the support number

(866) 795-7597

Corporation is eagerly waiting for your feedback to take Public Relation Team of the company at

Green Dot Phone Number For Your Assistance

We have more information for making you close to the customer support team of the company then, there is a support number of the corporation listed below for your support and this number is most informative for those are looking the solution to take their query related to financial services provided by the company because this number is specially designed for the customers those are facing confusion or any other issue related to the issues to take financial services.


The support number we have listed above in your service is Toll-Free Number of the corporation.

This Number is available for 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week for your service but this number may not available on some occasions.

One another phone number is listed below for your support and this number is also available 24*7 in your service.

(877) 434-3578

Green Dot Corporation has developed a Contact Us page for your assistance, the link for that page we have mentioned below for your support then, please have a look.

Green Dot Contact Us

We have another Support link developed by the corporation for your help is listed below and this link is especially for those are looking for the corporation’s customer care regarding Credit Card Assistance.

Green Dot Support

You may send an E-mail to the support team of the company related to your problems on the E-mail Address which we have listed below

Green Dot Customer Service Number

We have more service numbers for your assistance and all the service numbers are developed by your adorable company. Corporation has also designed an individual customer care phone number and an office for an individual area and we have listed the name of the area plus the support number as well as the office address f the company for your convenience then, we need your potential below for making your knowledge wide to take the support numbers of the corporation.

If you are living in Alabama then, we have an individual support number, as well as the Green Dot Address in your area for you which we have given below then, please have a look.

8315 AL Highway 22, Maplesville Alabama (AL) 3650

Contact Number: (334) 336-2571

If your location is Arkansas and you are facing trouble related to Green Dot Corporation then, the address in your location plus the contact number is listed below

21510 Highway 365 N, Maumelle, Arkansas (AR) 72113

Contact Number: (501) 851-2536

The people of California may contact the company through the address and phone number given below

49060 Road 426, Oakhurst, California (CA)

Contact Number: (559) 683-8882

If you are the part of Florida then, we have the contact details of the company only for you. Look below

16312 Spring Hill Dr, Ste 6, Brookville, Florida (FL) 34604

Contact Number: (352) 799-8056

People belong to Michigan need to notice below for getting the location of the corporation’s office and the contact number.

13896 S West Bay Shore Dr, Traverse City, MI 49684

Contact Number: (231) 929-1088

If you are living in New York and looking for the Green Dot Office for your support then, you need to look below for getting the address and the phone number of your area’s office of the corporation.

132 14th Ave, College Point New York (NY) 11356

Contact Number: (718) 747-1825

If you belong to Washington and looking for the corporation’s office in your area then, we have mentioned an address of the company in your area plus the contact number.

1275 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 2004

Contact Number: (202) 783-4292

Headquarters of Green Dot Corporation

If you are looking for the postal mail address of the corporation then, please look below

3465, East Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena, California CA 91107, United States

Phone Number: 1-626-765-2000



  1. My friend purchased a card& it is saying it is already registered…but we cannot access it…$ in limbo& store says call support…no way to speak to a person

      1. Hi Cessy, There are many support numbers and their timings are provided in this article and those customers are facing trouble or having any query getting replied from these numbers. Please check the timings listed below the phone number and after that try to call and we have a strong belief that you’ll definitely get the touch of the live representative.

      1. Hi Arlene, We are very sorry for this inconvenience from Green Dot. It may be that Green Dot customer support team was busy at that moment, please feel free to dial again this support number and we have a strong belief that this time you’ll definitely get the assistance.

  2. I can not use my greendot Master card to purchase anything in any store I understand that my card is blocked but per your agreement I can still use the card to purchase in store goods , when I tried to use it it says insufficient funds , this is incorrect I have $318.00 available on my card why are you with holding my money

    1. Hi Tyron, If you are facing some kind of trouble to take Greendot Master card then, please feel free call the phone number listed in the article because of Green Dot Bank has deployed a support team for attending these issues and you can reach that support team through the number listed above.

  3. My money was put on one of your accounts from turbotax and they sent me a netspend card I need to talk to someone and I can’t get a live person calling your phone number

    1. Hi Michael, There is a phone number provided in the article which connects you with the live representative of the firm but if you are unable to contact the support team through the phone number listed above then, we understand because this number usually some busy and we request to dial the number again, we have a strong belief that you’ll get the support surely.

  4. HAI I loaded green dot card and to register it’s asking me for Ssn , I don’t have one yet because I am an international student so they didn’t provide me one yet how do I register and use the card

    1. Hi Nag, We can understand your problem but for making solve your this issue, Bank needs your details. So, we suggest you dial the support number where you get genuine assistance.

  5. I have received 2 WallMart Money cards with someone else’s name and my address. I do not know that person and they have never lived at this address. I have tried multiple phone numbers to resolve and I either can not get thru or they tell me to call a different number. I am concerned about someone using my address or personal info. No help from wallmart or green card. Do not give me another useless phone number.

    1. Hi Jerry, We are sorry from the Support team of the bank and we have the solution to your problem then, first you need to dial the support number mentioned above when the live representative of the support team will be live on the call and ask him, which email address is suitable for informing bank regarding this matter and after that, you only need to send an email for your solution.


    1. Hi Goodwin, We recommend you to a phone call to the support executive via the phone number provided in this article for the end of your all issues.

  7. I applied for the Primor credit card issued by the Green Dot Bank last week. It was said that you guys were gonna have my card in within 5 days. It has been over 5 days and I wanna puke to get this issue resolved. Either send my card or give me my 200 dollars that you guys took from me back into my bank account. Thank you. Hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Adrian, There are many of the reasons may occur for making your Credit card late and you can get the appropriate answer of your every question through the Green Dot Bank Phone Number mentioned in the article.

  8. I’ve purchased a card and I’ve been trying to activate it for three days now!!! Never have I seen anything like this in my entire life I have bills to pay! I keep receiving a message card invalid can’t soeak to a real live person I regret doing this! I believe this company is a total scam! I have no clue what to do this isn’t right to take people money you would think the process should be so simple

    1. Hi Nicole, We are very sorry for the inconvenience faced by you from Green Dot Bank Services. Sometimes, it happens that support numbers not working well due to many of the reasons and in this case, you may try to call support team again after an hour or you may leave an e-mail to them as well as try online support options because these are also known as very quick responding supportive sources.

    1. Hi Yolonda, Please have a sharp glance on this web page, you’ll surely get a lot of phone numbers for your assistance.

  9. I am trying to make a GreenDot account and it is saying that my information is invalid which is not true I’m putting in all the correct information what am I supposed to do

    1. Hi Kelsey, It is not practically possible that you are filling correct information and they are saying wrong to it then, please try again and if you’ll face again this problem so, Contact Green Dot Bank Support team through the information on this web page for your assistance.

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