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Hello, friends, if you are looking for Groupon Customer Service, and you have felt some kind of trouble related to this company then, the customer service team of the company is eagerly waiting for your call to assist you. Groupon is an American Industry but this company is popular in 28 countries to take her services and we all know that a good industry always cares her customer plus a company has goodwill in the market so it always develops a lot of sources for supporting customers, as well as your adorable Groupon company, has also developed a lot of sources for making your support and we are going to share all those sources with you. So, we request you to drag your attention below for knowing all the contact sources designed by your favourite company for your support.

Groupon Phone Number For Your Help

Groupon Contact

In this heading, we are providing you Groupon Customer Service Number and you’ll be glad to know that Groupon company has appointed a very talented and expert team of customer service which always ready to handle all of your issues.

There is a very popular customer support number listed below for your genuine help then, please drag your kind attention below on the customer service number that we are giving you,


You can call on this Groupon Contact Number which we mentioned above, from Monday to Sunday. It means company’s customer service team is available for all seven days in a week and the timing for this phone number 8 am to 7 pm (central time) plus working hours may vary on any occasion.

If you belong to the United States and looking for a Groupon Number of the company then, we love to help you and there is the contact number for the service team of the company listed below for your support. So, we need your concentration below for sharing the contact number with you.


The timings for the contact number given below are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST but the timings may vary on holidays.

We have another phone number for those are looking for the Corporate Office of the company which is located in the USA. So, there is a number listed below only for the corporate office of the company.


We have two Groupon Customer Service Telephone Number of the company listed below but the first number is usually used too much then, it may be that you need to wait for a lot but another contact number remains available for your service. So, please look below for getting the contact number.



We have another number which connects you with the live person for your support then, there is a request to you that please look the phone number mentioned below for your assistance.


If your location is Canada and facing any type of trouble to take the company then, we are ready to assist you. There is a contact number listed below for your support.

+1 888 664 4482

Groupon Customer Care

Groupon Company has designed some online portal for making the solutions of your problems and we want to share all the support details with you that’s why we have mentioned below each and every online support of the company for your service and make your way convenient plus this link will also support you to take the support of the company through Live Chat. So, we request to make your concentration below for getting the support of the company through the Internet.

Groupon Company has drawn a support page for your assistance and this page can assist you a lot from the discount to your any of the issue but you need to sign in the Groupon Account for getting assistance and discount and if you still don’t have the Groupon Account then, there is no need to worry too much because you may sign up from the link which we mentioned below. So, we request you to look below for getting that link.

Groupon Support

Today, the world is going to digital and we all love to use the digital services that’s why Groupon Company has designed a contact page for you and you may use this page for sending your problem which you are facing or any other issue and there is no need to search that page on the web because we have mentioned the link below which redirects you to that page then, please have a look below for getting the link.

Groupon Contact Us

Groupon Customer Support team created a page on the twitter and this page may assist you in many of ways but many of the fans of the company use to create their own page on the name of the company and it creates confusion to know about the original one but there is no need to worry to think that how you can recognize the real webpage of the company on Twitter because there is a link given below which redirects you to the Twitter Support page of the company.

Groupon Twitter

Groupon E-mail Address

We have an E-mail address of the company which we have checked for your genuine support then if you are getting failed in connecting with Groupon Company so, you may send an E-mail to the support team of Groupon and they try their best in making the response of your email with your solution. There is an E-mail Address given below for your support so, please look.

There is Postal Mail address is given below for the people of the USA and this Address is for the Corporate Office of the company in USA then, please look.

Groupon Corporate Office

600 W Chicago Ave. Ste. 620
Chicago, IL 60654

Groupon Contact In Your Access

Groupon Phone Number

In this heading, we have brought some of other important Groupon Contact Phone Number for your help. As we all know that Groupon is working in many of the countries then, we have tried to make the support for all of the customers of Groupon from all over the world and we have got some customer support assistance for some countries which we have mentioned below for your support. Therefore, we request you to drag your potential below on the contact details.

If you are living in the UK and looking for the Groupon Telephone Number and E-mail Address for the Groupon then, there are two support numbers listed below for your support so, please have a look.

0843 504 7237

0844 776 9647

E-mail Address:-

The Customer support number which we mentioned above is really very informative for those who are facing any type of issue or any technical glitches on the company’s website as well as the company has decided working hours for this numbers and the timings will be 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM but the timings may vary on occasion and we want to aware you about one thing that this support number usually busy after 4:00 PM plus this number may take 30 minutes in responding your call after 4:00 PM.

When the customers of the UK will try to make the Contact Groupon By Phone call for their support which we have mentioned above then, the call charges will be applied and the charges may be 7p/min plus your network provider’s access charge.

There is a service number which we have searched for the customers of the UK listed below but this number has some unique quality that this support number is available 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week then, we request you to look below for getting that phone number.

0870 046 9499

We have some other the UK contact number plus we have mentioned that which number is designed for your support which phone number of the company is head office, business enquiries and the Company’s International Contact Number which we are going to share with you below then, there is a request to you for making a sharp eye on that number.

020 3510 0444 This phone number is for the UK customer care team of the company.

+44 203 510 0444 This contact is designed for those are searching for Groupon International Contact Number in the United Kingdom.

020 3510 2248 This number is for those who are looking for the company’s Business Enquiries phone number.

020 3510 2373 This phone number is for those who are looking the Company’s Head Office in the UK.

The working hours for all the contact numbers those are listed above are same and timings are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Monday to Friday in a week plus the address of the headquarters are listed below.

Seal House, 1 Swan Ln, London, EC4R 3TN, UK.

Phone Number:- (312) 676-5773

FAX Number:- (312) 676-2728

If your location is Malaysia and you are looking for the assistance of the support team of the company then, there is a phone number listed below for your help. So, Please have a look.

03-7949 0888

If the people those are living in Singapore needs assistance to take Groupon Company then, the company has developed a phone number and an E-mail Address for you which we have mentioned below.

+65 3157 3398

E-mail Address:-

Groupon Company has developed a customer care phone number for the customer those are living in India then if you belong to India and facing some issues related to the company. So, Please look for getting the contact number.

1800 108 3000

If your native place is Australia and you need to Call Groupon related any of your problems then, the company has designed a support number for you which we have listed below.

1300 962 032

We have the postal mail address for the people of Australia looking for the Address of the company for sending a mail.

Groupon Australia Pty Ltd,
Sydney, NSW 2000
ABN 18 147 834 151

There is a link listed below for the official website company and this website may assist you in making your kind notice towards the latest updates of the company.

Groupon Official Website


    1. Hi Nicole, There is no call back facility is available right now. Please call the customer service for more knowledge about it.

    2. I live in Canada and I would like a phone # to call and speak to someone personally as I have problems using the promo code to get my discount from my order ? Last 2 times code wouldn’t go through.. I would love a representative to help me with my order by phone? Thank you

      1. Hi Barb, You can simply contact Groupon via the contact sources present on this page for reaching in the touch of a representative.

  1. I really need to speak to customer service, I been trying to contact Group on for day and cannot get to talk to no one. Whets going on I really need my refund. You telling me three day for refund after purchase and no answer from your end. Call me I need to speak to a live person to transact business.

    1. Hi Annie, We are very sorry for this bad experience from Groupon but we are unable to help you because these matters usually handled by the support team of the firm and you can reach the customer service live representative through the phone numbers are provided in the article.

  2. Please call me back at 9098100892 .i have a $95.00 charge I don’t knew what it is also like to cancel Dave locker we are both real sick, thank u for getting back to me

    1. Hi Bonnie Townsend, we would like to inform you that this is unofficial webpage of Groupon Customer Service team that’s why we are very sorry that we are very sorry because we are unable to call you but your issue can be resolved through the phone numbers we have provided in this article then, please feel free to call the number given above

      1. Hi I am trying to call the Australian phone number for Groupon 1300962032 as it states this in the ph number for Oz and it says this number is disconnected?? Do not tell me to call the number because there is no other ph number to call for Australia is foes not work. I have been over charged on my ticket price online Please reply to me ASAP

        1. Hi Michelle, you can try this phone number for reaching the support team of the company in Australia (02) 8311 4370.

  3. I want to know why I haven’t gotten my second pair of shoes that I ordered please let me know why they are not sending me the second pair shoes order ID GG-2VJ6-51J2-32KK-1MVF. Item No 252386377

    1. Hi Edwin, Your order might be in the way and for confirming reason of not coming to your second pair of shoes. Please feel free to call the support number listed in the article

  4. I am trying to reach you. I tried to buy tickets on line this morning. My account has been locket and I keep getting message 403 broken and I cannot access my account so now I have not been able to purchase tickets. Help.

    Angie Garner

    1. Hi Angie, We are so sorry from Groupon for the problem which you are facing in purchasing tickets and we suggest you dial the customer support number present in the article by which you can reach the support team and they will assist you surely.

  5. I made a reservation at a Restaurant in NYC. They are listed on Groupon. Your website says that your coupons are not valid on Holidays, including Valentines Day. However, when I called the Restaurant, the Receptionist said that they will honor Groupon tomorrow evening for Valentines Dinner. I am not sure if she was mistaken or if I should adhere to what is on your website. I have never used this service before. Please advise.

    1. Hi Tim, Groupon Service team usually update information on the website but it may happen sometimes that they update the website after some time that’s why you didn’t get the reservation information but you can dial the phone number mentioned in the article by which you’ll get the instant help about all types of offers.

  6. On January 10, 2017, I purchased 3 Shutterfly photo album coupons from Groupon….one 8×11 and 2 12×12. My bank account was charged for these three items. 2 @ 26.99 and 1@ 13.99. In My Groupon there are only two items….1 12×12 book and 1 8×11.
    You owe me a coupon redemption code for a 12×12 book.
    Please send at your earliest convenience as it expires on March 31.
    Thank you!

    PS OR refund my bank card for 26.99

    1. Hi Cindy, We understand your issue and we recommend the first phone number mentioned in the article which helps you surely.

  7. I don’t believe I will ever deal with groupon again
    for a multi million dollar business to not have a customer service phone contact is just a rip off
    inconvenient and shady

    1. Hi Faith, We are sorry for your bad experience with Groupon, May we know what problem are you facing with Groupon Customer Service Number by which we can assist you.

  8. am tearing my hair out ordered curtains and matching bed linen on 2nd March and cannot get through to you its discraceful just got my bank statement and over70 euro taken by groupon Rose Ryan

    1. Hi Rose, you are the first person who complained this type issue and we are very sorry for it from Groupon but there is no need to worry because there is a support number mentioned in the article which surely assist you.

  9. I just clicked on a groupon I was looking at
    and somehow it said I bought it, I was looking for another event and now I have a ticket for an event I am not going to do.
    How do I cancel this NOW.

    1. Hi Janet, you need to call the support team via the phone number mentioned in the article for informing them about this issue.

  10. Hi!
    I had a special invite to Starbuck’s; however I could not get it to work????? I received comments: I needed a special invite which I had, my credit card info was incorrect which it wasn’t and your company was having problems and to be patient and the matter would be solved. HELP??????? sjg

    1. Hello Sally, these types of matters may happen in the rare cases in some locations but Groupon Service team has the solution of it that’s why please feel free to call the customer support and number is in the article.

  11. HELLO!
    I have tried three different numbers and I have not been able to talk to a person, Basically your message states that all communication is being taken care off on line?? Could you please give me a number that will work? Ty! sjg

    1. Hi Sally, we are sorry for this inconvenience and sometimes, support team may be busy in attending other’s call then, we request you to have some patience and dial again.

  12. I have been on hold waiting all afternoon for the call center supervisor to pick up the phone to take care of a problem with an order I received today. Even though they sent me the wrong item that was worth considerably less than the one I purchased they will not make it right by sending me out the correct item after my return. So the customer is responsible for Groupons mistakes. Bad business.

    1. Hi Naurine, we are sorry for your bad experience with Groupon but another option you have that you can use phone numbers as well as online support links listed in the article, they will never disappoint you.

  13. Been trying to contact someone for help and no response emailed them also still nothing I just need a call back ….this is a nightmare !! I hate when companies make you have to email an play a waiting game cause y’all didn’t wait to take money ! And now its just giving me a head ache when I’m sure it could be a simple fix an has no turnt into a huge situation that didn’t have to be an making me second guess using this app …I don’t understand why it has to be so difficult to handle a simple matter an the no contact # seriously why I don’t trust online stuff to much due to this rite now …. y’all have all my info and now I’m not sure if I have to be even more worried …..I need a response asap it would be nice !!!!

    1. Hi Crystal, We are extremely sorry from Groupon Customer Service team but there is no need to worry because Groupon Support team is always ready to assist you, it may be that Support team was busy in fixing other issues of customers and they will response your e-mail soon. Please Have some patience.

  14. I made an order and it will be shipped to the wrong address. I cannot find a way to contact or change anything. Please help before it goes to the wrong house.
    Thank you
    Tamara turner

  15. I bought 2 of the manny paddy pkgs.
    1 for myself
    1 as a gift

    I put in a request for a refund because the salon never had openings. It only had a
    specific time that the groupon could be used. Therefore I want a refund. It’s only a good deal if you can use it. Please credit my payment method.

  16. I have ordered a Verona King size ottoman bed but my wife is not happy and wants a double size instead…order number.
    Please change size for delivery to a double ottoman bed please.
    Alan Baker

    1. Hi Rita, We are very sorry from Groupon to take this mistake and we suggest you to Contact Groupon via the phone number present on this webpage by which the customer care team will assist you better.

  17. Product ordered on 16 November 2018 – Invoice received on 17 November 2018.
    Email received saying order despatched.

    When can I expect delivery please? What courier did you use? I live in the North West of Southern Ireland. My account has been debited.

    Invoice No 1612179

    Thanking you

  18. Hi, I like your post and this is really interesting and useful for me. This is informative post. Nice pieces of information you are providing. And mostly people like this posts.





  20. I bought a Groupon for a shuttle service and they could not pick us up at the airport they had no Shuttles! We had to rent a cab so I want my money back and there is no where that I can contact anyone! Nothing is working!

    1. Hi Cindy, There are a lot of customer support sources of this webpage, you may try any and register your complaint. Groupon Customer Care team will be with you soon.

      1. Hi this is Mrs huckstepp I have just purchased two spa days at the Bournemouth Village put in the date i the 3rd of April that won’t let me do it please help me

        1. Hi Donna, You need to Contact Groupon via the customer service sources present on this web page for the better solution.

  21. I placed an order during your black Friday sell. I just opened the package, I ordered and was charged for 2 ipads and I only received one. Can someone please contact me so I can get this resolved.

    1. Hi Sharon, You may contact Groupon for this mistake or you may write an e-mail to them with your contact number, they’ll contact you soon to resolve.

  22. I am ordering Groupon for Christmas presents . I forgot to fill in information for who to send it to. It didn’t pop up on screen

  23. I’m texting you about two purchases that I haven’t received, 2 11by 16 photo album and 2 8by 10 photo albums. You haven’t refund me for it or shipped it. It’s been almost a month. Please tell me something. I didn’t give you my money for no damn charity.

    1. Hi Jacqueline, We appreciate your patience of one month but you don’t need to have patience, you can Call Groupon and tell all things to them and they’ll surely assist you very shortly.

  24. I need to know what you are gonna do about my photo albums I’ve paid for? I’m going to go to b tree business bureau about the money you’ve already taken off my card and study advertising that they’re gonna expire.

  25. I bought a body pillow from Groupon on Feb.26, 2019. My account was charge but never received email or pillow. I am in Dorchester MA

  26. Have a groupon voucher for 2nt stay at crompton house, Windermere. Have tried to contact them via email and phone but no reply. Please can you help?

    1. Hi Mackenzie, Sometimes, the support team of the company may busy to deal with other customers then, have some patience they’ll reply your e-mail shortly.

  27. I purchased golf lessons with Par U. I heard from you that they are no longer in business. I would like a refund. I am old and don’t do well trying to communicate. I would love to talk to a real person.

    1. Hi Jack, If you don’t able to speak the representative over the phone then, please use e-mail address or Online help for connecting with the company.

  28. I have tried to reach you several times regarding my purchase of Par U. I want to get my money back but don’t know how and do not seem tone able to get a response. I am old and do not like to try to communicate electronically. I think that it is a shame that you do not provide a phone number for seniors like me to communicate. My cell is 615/293-3044. I hope to hear from you.

  29. I purchased a Groupon for Car Detailing. The company has apparently gone out of business as when I call NO-ONE ANSWERS the phone and I cannot leave a message.
    I would like a credit for this purchase.
    I need GROUPON to intervene in this matter.

    1. Hi Ruby, We recommend you to write an e-mail to the company regarding this trouble, they’ll definitely answer you shortly.

  30. Someone tell Groupon their customer service is down!!!! No Live Chat, Now Emailing, no phone numbers work…help. I’m about to stop all payments on my AX.

    1. Hi Julie, every customer service source present on this web page is active and you can try any of the contact source available on this page for reaching the live representative of the company.

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