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Dear friends, this article is going to tell you about very informative details related to irs phone number. There can be so many reasons for which you may get in touch with the number. If you have tired during the search for the contact number of this organization then, there is no need to worry too much because we are with you and we love to help you. You all know that IRS organisation is derived from United States of Federal Government then, Government of USA, already have developed a lot of sources by which you get in the touch with her organisation and we want to make those all sources in your glance through this article then, please look below for knowing about the details regarding IRS contact

Toll-Free IRS Number For Your Assistance

irs contact number


Today, We will make your notice towards each and every source which organization has developed for your assistance. First of all, we want to draw this notice in your eye that you may reach at Internal Revenue service through your the toll-free number of the organization which is listed below then, I have a request to you that please look downwards for knowing that toll-free number of Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The toll-free number is 800-829-1040 which helps you in making directly connect with Internal Revenue Service and you know IRS developed a lot of ways by which you may feel satisfaction as soon as possible, means IRS has developed many of the contact numbers and every contact number relates a unique query like the toll-free number which I have provided you, it is related to the taxpayers.

It means this toll-free phone number for the irs is useful to those who are paying their tax and facing any type of issue but this is the toll-free number that’s why it usually seems busy but there is no need to worry too much because we have checked all the tricks for you and we surely make your contact with the organisation through this article then, please look below for learning all the tricks by which you may get in the touch of IRS customer support.

This toll-free number also helps you in solving your query regarding laws of taxes then, if you have tiered in the search of law advisor for solving your queries and still not get the right person then, dial this toll-free number developed by your adorable IRS organization for your assistance. This number is mostly dialed for solving the query regarding tax law.

IRS Customer Service For Individuals

Irs provides a contact number for businesses men who have any query or need help with their tax return or refund then, this number really developed for them. This IRS contact number makes you satisfy for different issues regarding your tax returns or refund then, the number by which you may solve your query regarding IRS tax return and refund is given below that’s why I want to drag your attention below,

This is called refund hotline and it may be chargeable or not chargeable but this number definitely helps you in making help of yours income tax refund and tax return.

IRS Telephone Number For Physically Challenged Help

IRS contact number

This number is only for those people who need to file their tax return and he or she is not able to hear but need some help from IRS. Organization understand your world and want to cooperate with you that’s why if you are not able to listen then, IRS helps you in another manner and organization has developed a new thing for those are physically challenged from the ears. This is a request to you for looking downwards for knowing the number


This number is only for those who are not able to hear and who want to know about tax laws and also want to know how to file their return and this number may be chargeable

Important Number Relates to IRS

This is also an important number relates for those people who need to submit an extension to file for 1040 series return.

Reasons to Contact The IRS

There can be so many issues related to your tax problems. Some of these issues you can drag your attention below,
1-  if you want a copy of your previous tax payment details,
2-  if you want a new age number
3-  if you want to get your refund
4-  you are to respond on IRS notice
5-  you are to settle tax debt
6-  you are to resolve tax dispute
7-  you are to check the status of your tax.

Irs customer support team always loves to solve your problem. You can be in touch with IRS’s customer service department by using the number those are given to you below. You are assisted here by many of tax professionals when you call its customer service number. Please drag your attention here to get a number.

Internal revenue phone number for you help are listed here also
Customer care                   800-829-3009
Customer support              800-829-0582
Business accounts              800-829-0115
Tax professionals               800-829-8374
Collection Department        800-829-3903
Customer service               800-829-0922

The Way To Contact IRS By The Number For IRS

Here, we are providing you the right way to connect with the organization through IRS toll-free number. When you dial the toll-free number of IRS then, first telephone machine will answer you and try to make your help and if you want to come in the contact of IRS representative, means a human representative of IRS then, please make your sharp eyes below for knowing how to reply the machine for reaching the IRS representative.

First you need to call on IRS toll-free number through your phone then, the machine will answer you like “press 1 to continue in English” then, when you dialed one, the machine will answer you, “is your question is related to refund, press 1” after dialing one again machine will answer you
“If you want to check your refund status, press 1 please enter the social security number”
if you don’t have it, call us again when you have it or you may visit our website   and click at my refund.” then, you need to dial your social security number on your phone for making your contact with the representative of IRS support.

This trick of making your contact with IRS representative may vary because IRS may change it’s the language of the machine without making any prior notice.

IRS Gov Phone Number For Your Help

irs customer service

Here, we are providing some new numbers of IRS organization by which you may contact irs by phone plus the working hours of those numbers which will definitely beneficial then, please look below for knowing the numbers.
1-  Practitioner Priority service; contact at- 866-860-4259

Timings are 7 am 7 pm; working days are  Monday to Friday

2- Forms and Publication; contact at- 800-829-3676

Timings are 7 am to 7 pm; working days are Monday to Friday

3- National tax payer advocate helpline contact at- 877-777-4778

Timings are is 7 am to 7 pm; working days are Monday to Friday

4- Electronic Federal Tax Payment System contact at- 800-555-4477 

days and time- 24*7

5-  Tax exempt and government entities;contact at-877-829-5500

Timing is 8 am to 5 pm; working days are Monday to Friday

6- Information return reporting;contact at- 866-455-7438

Timings are 8.30 am to 4.30 pm; working days are Monday to Friday

7- Excise tax and forum 2290 help line; contact at- 866-699-4096

Timings are 8 am-6 pm; working days are  Monday to Friday

8- Employer identification number;contact at- 800-829-4933

Timings are 7 am to 7 pm; working days are Monday to Friday

9- FBAR and Title 31 help line;contact at- 866-270-0733

Timings are 8 am to 4.30 pm; working days are Monday to Friday

If You live Out Of The United States

If you are living out of the United States and want to make contact with IRS then, help is at hand. You only need to make the click on the link which is listed below then, you will definitely get the answers of your all questions then, please look below for watching the link which we have provided for your help

This is the link for those who want to make contact with IRS and living in Abroad


IRS Near You

There is some major information of IRS given below please make an eye:

IRS Official Contact number:- +1 202-803-9000

Contact Details:- 77 K St NE Washington, DC 20002 United States

Email Id:-

Official website:-

If you want to meet with IRS representative face to face then, there is no need to worry because IRS launched its locator by which you may know the address of your nearest IRS office in few minutes and there is no need to find that store locator because below we have provided a link of store locator then, you only need to click the link and a new window appears which specially designed for your assistance

This is the link of the store locator of IRS     IRS store locator

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