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This page contains all LabCorp Customer Service resources then if you are finding the supportive sources which this clinical laboratories network has discovered for your help so, we are here to assist you. This company is providing its services worldwide and this is a portal where we can provide all customer support sources which the company has discovered like phone numbers, online support tricks and much more. Therefore, we request you to look below for knowing all the tricks and phone numbers which make you close to the firm.

LabCorp Phone Number

LabCorp Phone NumberWhen our mind directs us to contact somebody, first of all, things, our concentration goes towards the phone number because In today’s time phone numbers are the best medium to contact any of the people and mostly Companies are also used to develop support numbers for their customers which we are going to share with you below. Please look.

First, we want to introduce you LabCorp Customer Service Number but please check the working hours before dialing the number which we have mentioned after the number listed below.


The working hours for LabCorp Number mentioned above are Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST but working hours may vary due to many of the reasons and this number usually takes time in responding your phone calls that’s why we suggest you dial this number at 8:10 AM for quick response.

LabCorp Billing Phone Number is also working for the customers plus you can use this as LabCorp Results Phone Number which we have given below. Please look.


And the business hours for this number are Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM but the business hours may change without any previous notice.

LabCorp Contact

LabCorp Customer ServiceIn this heading, we want to introduce you with some other techniques by which you can reach LabCorp Support team and these techniques then, if you are still unable to get the touch of the support team appointed by the firm for your service then, there is no need to be despondent and look the tricks given below.

We have found a page of the internet which widely known as LabCorp Help page where you can find all the support options as well as you can write your complaints, demands, queries, inquiries to the firm but there is a notice from the firm that never provides your personal information through E-mail because this is not safe for you but if you are not able to contact the customer care team of the company through this page of the web plus this webpage is also known as the contact us page of the firm then, there is a link mentioned below which automatically redirects you to that webpage. Please have a look.

LabCorp Help Page

For sending a message to the firm or contacting to the sales representative working for the firm, there is a webpage also working plus this page is mostly used for Patient Inquiry and if you are unable to find it so, there is a link mentioned downwards but remember one thing always that never mention your personal information in this message like log in, password, security number or any personal information.

LabCorp E-mail

There is a webpage also active on the internet by which you can rate your visit as well as if you are facing any trouble to take official website of the firm or any other technical issues plus when you visit that page so, you’ll find an option in the most right position of the page name Feedback by which you can send your feedback to the firm. If you’ll log in to that page then, you’ll find a lot of options and many supportive sources by clicking the help option but if you are unable to get that through the search engines then, there is no need to worry a lot because you only need to click the link provided below which redirects you to that webpage. Please look.

LabCorp Official Website Issue Resolver

We have noticed many of the people are also looking for the mailing address of the firm and if you are also among them then, please look below for that.

PO Box 2240
Burlington, NC 27216-2240


  1. My experience has been So unsatisfactory, I Do Not like how impersonal all of your services are.
    As a baby boomer I will find some public way of letting other boomers know Not to use your services!

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