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We are going to share every method for contacting with Nintendo Customer Service then, as we all know that Nintendo Co. Ltd. is a multinational electronic and video game company but we want to inform you second thing about this company that the company has developed many of the methods by which you may easily get in touch with the customer support team appointed by your adorable company. So, if you are facing any kind of the difficulty to take the firm matters then, there is no need to despondency because we are with you in solving your issues forasmuch we have listed below every support source of the company.

Nintendo Phone Number

Nintendo Phone NumberThe company has issued some customer support numbers for your assistance and we want to share all the support numbers with you through this heading. Therefore, if you are the part of the United States Of America and you need assistance from the customer service team of the company so, please glimpse bottom for getting all support numbers which your favorite company has evolved for your support.

The most popular phone number among the customers of Nintendo is listed below, this phone number makes you connect with the live representative of the customer service team and the average waiting time is 12 minutes only, it means this phone number may take 12 minutes in answering your phone call.


If you are going to make the phone call on the number listed above so, you should also peep on the working hours which the firm decided for responding your call through the phone number mentioned above so, the working hours are 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM PST and we advice you for calling this number at 8:15 AM for getting the quick response.

Questing for the support number for getting instant help to take wi-fi support so, there is an individual number evolved by the customer service team of the firm which we are going to share with you below. Please have a look.


There is another phone number also present on this webpage for your quick support to take power subscription is mentioned below. Please have a look.


Nintendo Customer Support

There are some other tricks also available for making your genuine support which we want to share with you through this heading. If you would like to use digital services for getting instant help so, we love to assist you and there are some techniques listed below by which you may go close to the support team. Please have a look below.

There is a page on the internet waiting for those who are facing any trouble to take company matters. This webpage will assist you regarding repairs, billing account management, transfer games, Nintendo eshop & Downloads and much more then, there is a link listed below and this company directly connects you with that webpage which company has designed for your support.

Nintendo Support

If you are facing problems to take any of Nintendo product so, we love to help you and you’ll glad to know that company has developed a webpage by which you may get quick assistance and set up a repair for company’s product then, we need your kind attention below for making your notice towards the link which redirects you to that webpage.

Nintendo Repair Help

The Mailing Address for Nintendo Co. Ltd. is listed below for the United States.

Nintendo of America Inc., P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A.

Nintendo Customer Support Number

Nintendo Customer ServiceIf you are the part of the United Kingdom and you need to speak with the customer care representative of Nintendo Co, Ltd. then, we love to assist you and we have designed this heading only for your genuine support. So, please look below for getting all the techniques for reaching the support team of the company.

First of all, we want to make you introduce with the customer care number below by which you may directly contact the support representative of the firm.

+44 (0)345 60 50 247

Now, if you want to contact the support executive through Nintendo E-mail so, there is E-mail address listed below for redirecting your E-mail to the support team appointed by the company.

And there is a webpage also available on the web for supporting you on the company related matters then, there is a link mentioned below for making you redirect to that webpage please look.

Nintendo Help

There is an address mentioned below for the company in the United Kingdom.

Nintendo Customer Support
PO Box 4678 Windsor SL4 9DZ.

If you are not from the United States and the United Kingdom and need assistance to take Nintendo Product so, we urge you to look below for finding your country’s relevant support number of the company.

Turkey: +90 0212 731 71 50
E-mail Address for Turkey:
Mailing Address for Turkey: LetMeRepair, Merkez Mahallesi 6093, Sokak No: 54, Selimpasa, Silivri – Istanbul, 34590 TURKIYE.

Russia: +46 30050910
E-mail Address for Russia:

Sweden: +46 30050910
Email Address for Sweden:
Mailing Address for Sweden:- Bergsala AB / Servicecenter, Marios Gata 21, 434 37 Kungsbacka, Sweden.

Denmark: +45 70256080
E-mail Address for Denmark:
Mailing Address for Denmark: Bergsala Service Center, Valseholmen 1, DK-2650 Hvidovre, Denmark.

Greece: 801-555 5090, +30 211 106 0400
E-mail Address for Greece:
Mailing Address for Greece: CD Media S.E., Small Atrina (3rd floor), 32 Kifisias Ave., 15125 Marousi, Athens, Greece.

Slovakia: 00421 2 4488 2109
E-mail Address for Slovkia:
Mailing Address for Slovakia: ConQuest Slovakia s.r.o, Rybnicná 40831 06 Bratislava.

Czech Republic: +420-284-000-104, +420-284-000-162
E-mail Address for Czech Republic:
Mailing Address for Czech Republic: ConQuest entertainment a.s.  Hloubetínská 11, Praha 9 -Hloubetín.

Japan: (075) 662-9600
Mailing Address for Japan: 601 – 8501 11, Shimobori Hachikatecho-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi.

Norway: 0047 33183324
E-mail Address for Norway:
Mailing Adress for Norway: Bergsala service, Elveveien 130, 3271 Larvik Norway.

Australia: (03) 9730 9822
Mailing Address for Australia: 804 Stud Road, Scoresby VIC 3179,


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    1. Hi Celeste, we are always here to assist you and please feel any of the support number present on this page for better assistance.

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