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This page is only created for Roblox Customer Service details so if you are looking for the support sources of this company or you want to know the contact details of this company then, you are at the right place and we love to assist you through this webpage. All the phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and Online Roblox Support tricks which make you close to the customer service team of the firm. Therefore, we request you to look below for knowing all the customer care sources of the company which they have developed for you.

Roblox Phone Number

Roblox Customer ServiceThis heading has been created on this informative webpage for introducing the phone number which your adorable game creating company has been developed for your service then, there is a request to you that please look below for knowing that phone number.

Main Roblox Support Number which assists the customers of the company listed below.



The working hours for Roblox Number mentioned above are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week for the number listed above but working hours may vary due to many of the reasons.

Roblox Contact

Roblox Phone NumberMany other techniques also exist for Roblox Help which you can understand the information provided below in this heading. The company has discovered some Online help tricks for the customer who are not able to get the reply to the phone call or not able to get assistance through the support number given above and these online tricks are very easy to use and quick in providing help to take any of the matter related to Roblox. Most of the customers are using these tricks to get the support of the firm.

There is a webpage present on the web and that webpage is popular with the name of Help page of the firm and this page also known as the homepage of this gaming company where you can get every information, contact details and other supportive sources which the company has been developed for you. If you are not able to find that page on the search engines which is active on the internet then, we urge you to look below where you can get a link which redirects you to that webpage.

Roblox Help Page

You’ll complacent to know that your adorable company has been created a help page on the twitter also and we all know that Twitter is a very popular website that’s why they have created a page on the twitter where you can chat with the live representative of the firm and solve your problem by which you can make your issue resolved and get the latest updates of the firm but we suggest you not to find the company’s Twitter page by yourself because there are many fake pages also present on Twitter with the name of the company, they can waiste your time and steel your secret information. Now, the question comes out that you can not find that Twitter page by yourself so, how to reach on that Twitter page then, we love to assist you forasmuch there is no need to worry to think about that because there is a link listed below which automatically redirects you to that Twitter page.

Roblox Twitter

We found a Roblox E-mail address by which you can write your complaint through e-mail to the company which we are going to share with you below. Therefore, we request you to look below for knowing that e-mail address.

If you have any issue to take ban or a warning and you are not satisfied with warning or ban then, kindly write to the email address listed below.

As you ever seen that there is a contact us page usually active on the internet which guides people and the customers of the company that how they can contact the firm plus all the contact details listed on that type of contact us page of any firm. Similarly, Roblox has discovered a contact us page for you and that page is active on the internet but if you are not able to find that page through the search engines then, we love to assist you that’s why there is a link listed below which redirects you that contact us page. Please have a look below.

Roblox Contact Us

The mailing address for Roblox is listed downwards.

One Franklin Parkway, Building 910, San Mateo, CA 94403, The United States Of America.


    1. Hi Gianna, You should inform Roblox Customer Service team via the contact sources are present on this page. They’ll help you surely.

    1. Hi Dibya, This is not possible that someone could change our password till he or she don’t know your password then, please make sure that your Caps Lock is off or any other setting in your keyboard but if you’ll no success in logging in your account then, inform Roblox about it via the contact sources available on this web page.

    1. Hi Jack, Please Contact Roblox Support team asap by which they’ll identify your account and try to recover your password.

  1. i am triying to log in but it keeps saying pick which one is right side up i need help please can you help ty

    1. Hi Bracha, you can contact Roblox Customer Service team through the customer care sources present on this web page.

  2. my account got hacked didn’t notice till I got my pc someone changed my look and added a pin I cant change my password due to pin

  3. I am in a very confusing situation a few weeks ago my password was changed and eventually I got it back so I changed it back to something I do not remember. So I cannot get back in. So I tried to find out what my email was on the account but it was made 4 years ago and nobody remembers. Now try to stay with me. The thing is I’m still signed in to my desktop computer and I don’t know the password because it’s blacked out by dots. And I can’t see the email either. And yes I’ve tried everything I just want to get in contact with somebody who can really help me I have some proof that the account is mine. My account is:

    1. Hi Tyler, Please Contact Roblox Support team through the sources present on this web page for instant solution.

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