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We are here to assist you regarding Rockstar Support Number then, if you are a fan of Rockstar company and you are facing any trouble to take the services of Rockstar so, you are at right place for your support because this webpage is designed for your assistance and below, we are going to tell you customer care number of the company, online portals designed by the company for your help each and every trick for making you close to the Rockstar Customer service team of the company appointed for your genuine help. So, We request you to drag your concentration on the article written for your support below.

Rockstar Number For Your Support

Rockstar Support Number

We have some customer support number for you and we want to share those number with you plus we want to inform you that every support number has its individual task but there is no need to worry too much because we have mentioned every phone number of the company and we know that Rockstar is very popular in the United States as well as other countries that’s why company has developed an individual customer service phone number for every country. Now, a question is coming in your mind that how would you recognize that the numbers are listed below is working for which country then, there is no need to think too much about it because we have mentioned every detail of the number plus the task of that number So, there is a request to you for looking below to know every customer service number of the company.

There is a GTA Customer Service Phone Number mentioned below and this phone number is for the customer care of Rockstar Games, Inc. but this number is working for the people those are living in the United States Of America as well as this phone number is very popular in the United States and facing trouble to the company plus this Contact number is very helpful for those are facing trouble in installing the game then, please look below.

(866) 922-8694

Another Support Number for the people of USA is mentioned below and this contact number is also for Rockstar Support team of the company instead of the official phone number plus the specialty of this phone number is that it is the toll-free number of the company which we mentioned below so, we request you to drag your attention below for knowing that number.


If your location in the UK and you are searching for Rockstar Games Support Number of the company then, we have a support number which we mentioned below for you.

08701 200060

Rockstar Inc. has developed a service number for the people of Canada then if you are living in Canada and looking for the customer support number of the company so, you need to look below for knowing the phone number.

(800) 269-5721

We have another Rockstar Phone Number for your support and this contact number is relevant for those who are looking Rockstar Games Social Club Phone Number and this number is working for the people of the UK plus if you are living in the UK then, you may also use this number for assistance. So, Please look below for knowing that phone number.


The support team of the company is eagerly waiting for making your solutions that’s why the company has developed a lot of ways for Rockstar Customer Support and many of the customer service numbers for your convenient then, there is another contact number listed below for you.

0843 903 3463

If you want to Call Rockstar through the phone number is given above and you are thinking that what the call charge you’ll have to pay for the call then, we want to tell you that the call charges for making the call to the number mentioned above are 7 pm plus your phone company charge access.

There is a new Rockstar Games Number for Rockstar Games is listed below for your support and this phone number is available for 24 hours in a day or 7 days in a week but the best time to call this number is Monday to Friday and 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM then, we request you to look the Number below.


The call charges for Rockstar Support Phone Number mentioned above are £1.53 from BT landlines and if you are calling this number from your mobile phone or any other network then, it may vary.

We have another support number for your assistance and we have mentioned below that phone number for your help.


Rockstar Support For Your Service

Rockstar Number

Rockstar Games, Inc. has a goodwill on the internet plus most of the video games playing by people are the fan of the company but sometimes, we need to contact the support team of the company for making the solution of our problem or many of the reasons then, some of the people like to call the company and some people try online assistance. So, if you are from those are looking for the Online Customer Assistance for the company then, you’ll glad to know that Rockstar Games, Inc has developed a lot of online support sources in your service and we want to share all those sources with you and you need to read below for knowing about the online support of the company.

Video Game providing company has developed a page on Twitter and it may be that you get that page on Twitter without any assistance but nowadays, people use to create a page of the any of the company which they like then, it is some difficult to know the original page created by the company on the web but there is no need to worry too much because we are ready to assist you and we have checked the Twitter for fetching the real support page of Rockstar Games, Inc. plus we have shared a link below for your assistance which redirects you to the Twitter page created by the company for video games lover.

Twitter Rockstar

Rockstar Games, Inc. has also developed a page on Facebook and this page is also developed only for your support but the problem comes to you again that how to recognize the Official support page for the company on the social media because a lot of people has already created the page with the name of the company but you don’t need to worry because we have found the genuine support page of the company to assist you plus we have mentioned a link below for that page which redirects you to facebook support page of the company, please look below for it.

Facebook Rockstar

There is a support page designed by the company for you which we have mentioned below then, please look below for getting the link.

Rockstar Support

We have a link for those who are looking for joining the social club of Rockstar but if you want to enjoy the services related to social club then, you need to sign in the account but if you still, don’t have any Rockstar online Account so, there is no need to worry because there will be option for sign up and you may create your account by using this option plus if you are looking for Rockstar Support Chat so, this is only the way to make you get Rockstar Game Support. Please have a look below for getting the link.

Rockstar Sign In 

Rockstar E-mail

Rockstar Customer Care

Most of the people use to search for E-mail address of Rockstar Games, Inc. then, we have an E-mail address for your support and this e-mail address is not for official use besides of this email address assist you because company has developed this email support only for your support then, please have a look below for knowing the email address for your favourite video game manufacturing company.

Rockstar Customer Care

We have relevant information for those are looking for the Postal Mail Address of the company or Rockstar FAX Number for your support then, we want to tell you that if you want to send your complaint or any other issue to the company through the postal mail services or FAX so, we love to help you as well as we have searched the address plus the FAX Number of the company for sharing with you and we have gotten the address for your support which we have mentioned below

Take-Two Interactive Games
622 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

FAX Number:- (646) 941-3566

Alt Phone:- (646) 536-2842



    1. Hi Junior, There is no need to worry a lot to take bad sports problem because support team of Rockstar is working for providing services to you then, please consult your problem to the Rockstar Support Team through the phone numbers are provided in the article.

  1. I have bought an activation code for gtav great white and have put the code in in the xbox and it says code already activate but when i go on my account its showing no money in their.

    1. This issue can be solved by the support team of Rockstar then, please feel free to call the support number provided above

  2. So as I am on gta 5 online gta has taken my money multiple times. These is not the first time. My PlayStation 4 gta account name is Darius3dx and I’m very upset because this constantly happens to me but I would like all 3millions gta money back that gta took for me. I earned that money fair and square and I don’t think that’s fair

    1. Hi Cadarius, Please feel free to call the support number given in the article and we have a stong blief that Rockstar Support team will assist you soon.

  3. Help please. I was just banned for no apparent reason. I have an online ban until Feb. 26, 2018. Yes, it seems suspicious that i had as much money as i did but it was not gotten through personal mods. In multiple lobbies, there were undetected modders that dropped money and did RP boost. With this money i bought lots of cars and stuff which could seem fishy. Also, my account will reset even after all of the work i did put in to get what i had before the mod drops.

    1. Hi JJC923, we suggest you dial the support number first and we have a strong belief that you’ll surely get a genuine solution to your problem through the support number mentioned in the article.

  4. hi I cant change my password and the email I used in 2015 I cant change the password for it so I cant verify my account I am wondering if you could reset my email. then I can change my password thanks

    I don’t know my password for it either.

    1. Hi Aaron Percival! It may be your account has been closed or many of the reasons may be possible. For making fix this issue, please feel free to the customer care executive number provided in the article.

  5. Help a modder reported me as a bad sport for no reason and I have been muted for 2 years 9 months can rockstar minute me please I didnt deserve this

    1. Hi Ratman, We understand what you are trying to say and which type of issue are you facing and we suggest you dial the customer support number mentioned in the article for knowing the solution of your issue.

  6. please get me out of bad sport please i got put in bad sport for 2years 9mouths 6days can y’ll get me out of bad sport please

    1. Hi Chrisreed, We understand your problem but there are some reasons for bad sport and you can contact the support team of the company through the support number given in the article for knowing the reasons for your bad sport and how to come out from it.

    1. Hi Gippy, We understand your problem that’s why we suggest you dial the support number mentioned in the article for the quick and the genuine help of yours.

    1. Hi Maria, You are on Rockstar Customer Service Web page. For knowing about Groupon Customer Service, Kindly find the Groupon Customer Service Page.

  7. Someone put me in bad sport for 2yrs and nine months can you please remove me out of bad sport. Thank you rockstar.

    1. Hi Hakiem, Please feel free to dial the Rockstar support number provided in the article and this phone number will surely assist you.

      1. Hi Hakiem, You can use any search engine to reach the official website of Rockstar and if you need any support then, there are some links mentioned in the article for the legitimate website as well as support numbers are also given on this webpage.

  8. i have been unable to get onto 3 different accounts due to it saying timed out locating session and cant call considering i have no phone what do i do pls respond asap.

    1. Hi Jay, if you don’t have a phone then, you can use the online Rockstar Support sources mentioned on this webpage which surely assist you regarding this issue.

  9. I am missing 3 cars one is the oppressor mk 2 and the marshal and the liberator also I carnt join my friends on the options online this for gta6 online

    1. Hi Michael, This trouble may occur due to many of the reasons, for better understanding the solution of your problem, you need to contact Rockstar via the contact sources are listed in the article.

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