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Are you looking for Shark Vacuum Customer Service then, we love to help you and we have checked every door for making your contact with Shark Company for your genuine support. On this page of the Internet, we are providing you every old and new trick for making contact with Shark Vacuum Customer support and you know that Shark Vacuum is a big firm then, every big firm always develops a lot of sources for the customer support and you’ll glad to know that your adorable Vacuum Company has also developed a lot of sources for your help and there is no need to worry too much to think that where you get all the sources for making the contact with Vacuum Company because below we have listed all the contact details for your convenience then, please have a look below for contacting Shark Support.

Shark Customer Care For Your Support

Shark Customer Service

Company has designed a support number for your help and this heading make you educate that how this service works and Shark Vacuum Customer Service then, you need to know that this number will not make your call directly to the live person but you may contact to the live person through this number and this number is available in English, French and Spanish, you only need to give the direction to the support number and this is not too much difficult because when you dial this service number of the company which is listed below then, you’ll listen a sound that Press 1 for English, Press 2 for French and Press 3 for Spanish. So, you only need to give the direction to this service number that which language is comfortable for you and after that support number assist you in your comfortable language. Please look below for the support number.


This service number is available 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week and it will take 3 minutes in responding your call because this is the average waiting time of this number.

Shark Customer Service For Your Help

Company has developed one another number for your support and we are going to share that number with you through this heading, which number we have listed below for your help is known as the main Customer Care number of the company but this number is unable to assist you for 24 hours in a day and neither 7 days in a week but there is no need to worry that how you get the working hours for this number because we have listed the timings for this below then, you only need to have a look downwards to this paragraph for knowing the phone number of the service team of the company as well as the working hours for that number.


The Timings for this number is given below then, please have a look before calling this number

Monday Timings:          8:00 AM to 10:00 PM  EST

Tuesday Timings:         8:00 AM to 10:00 PM  EST

Wednesday Timings:      8:00 AM to 10:00 PM  EST

Thursday Timings:        8:00 AM to 10:00 PM  EST

Friday Timings:            8:00 AM to 10:00 PM  EST

Saturday Timings:        9:00 AM to 06:00 PM  EST

Sunday Timings:          9:00 AM to 06:00 PM  EST

These timings may vary without any previous notice.

Shark Customer Support

Shark Customer Care

If you are unable in contacting with Shark Customer Support Team through the numbers those are listed above then, there is no need to worry because we have two other numbers for your support and these both numbers are ready to assist you then, please note all the numbers on a piece of paper for your knowledge and this page is always ready for your service then, we request you to look below for getting both numbers of the Shark Vacuum Company.


This is an another service number designed by Vacuum company for Assist you Phones: (877) 581-7375

Shark Customer Service E-mail And Other Online Sources

If you are looking for the online uses of Shark Customer Support then, help is at hand and this heading makes you educate to take the Company’s all online sources for your assistance. Shark Vacuum Company uses to active on social websites because they are going to develop a goodwill in your glance then if you are facing a trouble like customer support team of the Shark Vacuum is unable to help you in your problem then, you may leave a comment on the social pages of the company or you may use the postal Mail Services those are also listed below for your support.

This link is for the Shark Vacuum Live Chat  Shark Live Chat

E-mail address of the Shark Customer Service:

This is the link for the Facebook Page of the Shark Vacuum Company    Shark Vacuum FB

This is the link for the Twitter Page of the Shark Vacuum Company       Shark Vacuum Twitter



    1. Dear Pinkerton, All the phone numbers are active but all the phone numbers are working according to the timings are mentioned in the article then, we request you to look the working hours before dialing the customer care number.

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  2. I purchased your Shark cordless 6 months ago I can’t keep it to hold a charge I haven’t used it that much and it’s too late to take it back to the store to get a new one is this a problem with these can you tell me what I need to do?

    1. Hi, You should dial the customer service phone number which we have provided in this article for making solve your issue.

  3. My Shark vacuum brush will not turn. It’s clean, nothing is hindering its moving. I’ve taken the head off several times , still no movement. This is the second time this has happened. I can reach no one to speak to on any help line. I will try one more time tomorrow and then toss this and buy another brand.
    L. Huneryager

    1. Hi Linda, Shark Vaccum Support number usually busy and you need to some wait for getting the answer to your phone call. Please have some patience and dial again, we’ll surely get the touch of the support team of the firm and they will solve your issue surely.

  4. i purchased my shark vacuum online less than a year ago, and today while vacuuming the motor stopped working. The light still goes on but no motor.

    1. Hi Sue, Electronic parts may need repair sometimes and you can easily reach the support team 0f the firm by using the help sources present in the article.

  5. I purchased less than a year ago the Share duo clean lift away vacuum. I was vacuuming today and the motor stopped, felt the front of the vacuum and it was hot. The light still goes on but no motor. What will you do since this should not have happened

    1. Hi Sue, These types of issues may come sometimes but you are first who complained us and we suggest you to dial the customer care number provided in the article because if this issue may be resolved over the phone then, the customer service team will love to assist you.

  6. I have a Shark NV501. I think I have a bad motor. I would like to know of a repairman I can take this to in the Charlotte NC or Winston-Salem NC area. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jan, you can collect all these types of information by dialing the phone number present on this webpage and get a repairman soon.

  7. Hi I purchased a cleaner from you and would like to receive a detailed invoice from you, model number (etc), selling price, payment info charged to my credit card, balance due. I agreed to have payments charged to my credit card which you did but now my account was sent to collections ?! I would like to be informed about what happened. I have been a customer for a long time and never had any problems with your company before. I would appreciate the requested DETAILED invoice so I can resolve the issue.

  8. I have a shark vacuum and it turns on but there is no suction. The vacuum has a 5 yr warranty so if I can have parts sent to me I can repair my vacuum myself. Please let me know?
    Thank You

    1. Hi Ramon, You need to Contact Shark Vacuum Customer Service via the contact sources mentioned on this page for knowing your better solution.

  9. My Shark is around six months old and has stopped working. I would be grateful for any help in speaking to anybody from shark or an easy access phone number in the United Kingdom I Could use to contact them

    1. Hi Owen, You may try this phone number 0800 093 0875 for contacting the Shark Vacuum Customer Support team working in the United Kingdom.

  10. I purchased a Shark vacuum cleaner (HV390UKT) in May 2017 we had no issues with it and also took out the extended warranty 5 years. Last year the produce totally lost suction so my wife rang up to arrange a repair or replacement we were delighted to be given a new product although a bit miffed to be charged £15 postage as the replacement was no fault of our own.
    The new upgraded vacuum (HV390UK) has been even worse than the first one, we had to ring and get a new top suction part last week (another £5 postage) and although that is working the floor nozzle is still broken so does not retain dirt hence the vacuum makes more mess than it clears up! The later part will also be replaced today. Your staff are friendly and thorough but the product is simply not good enough. We both work full time and have a 2 year old son so its enormous hassle to be constantly ringing up and collecting parts. Also the house is a mess s we are unable to vacuum thoroughly. The 5 year guarantee is a joke in this case as the product has only lasted a matter of months. I may add that I have always cleared the vacuum and cleaned the filter so there is no question of user error.
    Surely as a valued customer we are at least entitled to at least reimbursement of postage costs (£25 now) plus some sort of nominal amount as a gesture of goodwill? I am pleased you have replaced parts but frankly won’t hold by breath that these will work for any length of time either.
    6 months on and the new parts although better than the original are still not great the appliance needs to be totally cleaned every other day and the base spits out debris. My wife has rang your customer services team numerous times and although they have been friendly are not able to offer us anything of any real help. The carpets in our new house are ruined and we need a new vacuum. Can you advise who I could contact independently for a refund we are still less than a year into a 5 year guarantee on a replacement product with 3 new parts?

    1. Hi Nick, We suggest you to contact the company through e-mail and the way for contacting the company through e-mail services are listed on this page.

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