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Searching for Sling TV Customer Service then, we love to help you and we assure you that after reading this complete article, you never need to search again for the help related to the Sling TV LLC issues because we have checked every way by which we may provide you the genuine help for your support. Sling TV LLC is also a very popular Industry in the United States and they have developed a lot of sources for making solve the issues are facing her customers and we are going to share all those contact sources for your support with you.

Sling TV Customer Service Number

Sling TV Customer Service

The Company has developed some numbers for your help and we want to share all those numbers with you. Your favorite Sling TV LLC designed her support numbers according to your need, it means that the company has developed different support numbers in some different language and there is no need to worry to think about it that from where you will get those support number because all the information already has mentioned below for your help. Therefore, we request you to look below for making your sharp eye on the support numbers.

There is a phone number listed below by which you can contact the support team of the company and this number is very popular among the customers of Sling TV LLC then, Please look below for getting that number.

(888) 348-1248

The working hours for the number mentioned above are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week then, you may feel free to call the company anytime when you are facing any trouble but working timings may vary due to any occasion.

There is another support number for your help listed below and this number is also a very popular customer care number but this number may take some time in responding your call and you may wait a lot in getting the answers to your inquiries.


The best time to Call Sling TV on the number mentioned above is 9:15 AM.

If you love to get assistance from the support team of the company in the Arabic language then, there is a phone number given below and this number may assist you in your favorite Arabic language.

(855) 402-3981

Are you in the search of Sling TV Contact Number for the company’s support team in Cantonese then, we have a customer care number for your genuine support. So, there is a request to you for making your sharp eye on the number listed below.

(855) 390-4687

We have another Sling TV Number for your help and this number is best for those love to get the support of the company in the Hindi language then, you may feel free in calling the number given below.

(888) 368-2017

If you are looking for the customer service number of the company for your genuine help in The Mandarin language then, we are going to share a contact number for your support. Please look.

(855) 306-1628

One other Sling TV Telephone Number is waiting for your call for solving your issues in the Portuguese language. So, there is a number given below for your help.

(855) 411-8932

Sling TV Support

Sling TV Telephone Number

The company has developed some other ways for making your support and you should know about them and there is no need to search for it because we are always here for your help that’s why all the sources by which you may come close to the support team of the company instead of phone numbers. So, we request you to look below for looking on all those sources.

We all know about the famous social website Twitter and we are going to share a very informative information with you by which you may get the help from the customer service team of the company then, you’ll glad to know that your adorable Sling TV LLC has created a twitter support page for your help and if you are thinking that many of the users also have developed the twitter page on the name of the company and how you get that page for your support because there is a link already mentioned below which redirects you to the Twitter page which company has developed for your assistance.

Sling TV Support Twitter

If you are looking for Sling TV online support then, you’ll feel good to know that your adorable company has designed a web page for your assistance by which you may send the E-mail to the company related to your problem and there is no need to think about that where to get that link which may redirects you to that web page because there is a link mentioned below for your support and this link redirects you that webpage so please look.

Sling TV E-mail

Sling TV LLC has developed another webpage for your assistance and this page is famous with the name of Sling TV Contact Us page where you get many of the sources for your help then, please look below for getting that link.

Sling TV Support Contact Us

There is an E-mail Address listed below for your support because this E-mail is also issued by the customer service team for making the answers of your every question plus Sling TV Customer Service.

Another support E-mail Address for the company is listed below but this E-mail Address is only for those who are looking the company’s support to take Privacy Policy of the company.

You also may write a mail to your favorite company at the address listed below.

Sling TV L.L.C.,9601 South Meridian Boulevard, Englewood, Colorado 80112, U.S.A.


  1. My Sling app has been unavailable for nearly 12 hours now and when I called tech support, they had me do a number of things to try to reset it……still NO SLING!!! Not a happy customer!

    1. Hi Nicci! we suggest you to call again on the support number and tell the customer service representative about your issues which you are facing in current.

  2. I like most everything about Sling TV except the fact that you do not have Fox News Channel. All you have is the stupid liberal stations that give a liberal point of view and are not at all unbiased. When you get Fox News on your lineup, I’ll be most happy to put Sling on my TV.

    1. Hi Claudia, Thanks for the feedback and we’ll transfer your feed to the headquarters and try to fulfill your demand.

  3. I lost ABC back in November and was assured that it would be back up in two days and that it would take that long because my account was through amazon. Well it is now the end of March 4 months have gone by and nothing. Expect getting bounced around a million different phone calls in what I assume is freakin India begging to speak to someone in the states only to be hung up on. I am on the verge of canceling this good for nothing streaming service. Roseanne starts tomorrow and I would love to watch it but was told the problem is still being worked on 4 months later which is utter bs. Your customer service sucks.

    1. Hi Danielle, We are very sorry for the inconvenience which you have faced but solutions are available regarding towards your issue and Sling TV customer support team is working for the customers plus they are improving day by day in their services. So, we recommend you to dial the support number mentioned in the article which surely will assist you.

    1. Hi Nancy, there is an e-mail address and other resources already given in the article by which you can send an E-mail to the firm.

  4. Sling TV sucks. It runs super slow despite fast Internet. When you call customer service, they won’t do anything for you. Playstation VUE is much better.

    1. Hi Rachel, May We know which problem you are facing to take Sling TV services by which we can assist you to resolve your problem.

    1. Hi Jean, MSNBC channel is not included in Sling Blue but you can get MSNBC Channel with Sling Blue in only 5$ per month because it is available in additional packs of Sling Blue.

  5. How come this is still listed and when I write with a simple question, I’m told in reply that “this email address is no longer in use” and I get directed to Help Center. I already tried that and could not get the answer. Now what?

  6. Let’s see if Sling tv searches for comments…..

    This service might have been enjoyable. However, after I set it up I realized I had not only entered the wrong email address but had not entered it correctly-totally my error. I have spent 22 minutes trying it either update an email address or cancel the service. Their system was NOT smart enough to catch the “..” I entered in my email address but it is smart enough to tell me it’s an invalid email address when I try to sign into the acct.

    User set up in the system. It was set up at approximately9:15am EST on Sunday March 3. Please cancel the trial and the service completely.

    1. Hi Lenora, don’t be panic, just find an option for recovering your password or Call Sling TV for your genuine assistance.

    1. Hi Ron, You need to sing in your Sling TV account and directed to the account settings where you’ll get an option for cancelling your subscription then, they’ll ask you the reason of cancellation where you can choose any of reason and click on continue, enter your password and your subscription will be canceled.

  7. I am very disappointed with your handling of the NBA playoff, kicked off the channel several times, missed the end of game 5, not cool, will have to evaluate my options and consider other carriers.

    1. Hi Michael, we are really sorry for the troubles, you are facing and we recommend you to Contact Sling TV via the supportive sources are available on this web page for better assistance.

  8. you have no phone service and no information for signing up you guys went under ground I wanted to get back on board but no way

    1. Hi Kim, please try to reboot your device and if you still get the same issue then, feel free to call the customer support.

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