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All methods for Twitter Customer Service are provided on this page of the internet, we all know that now-a-days, Twitter is the part of our life then, when we feel any issue with our account so, it will obviously the worst situation but this page will tell you all the online and offline support tricks, phone numbers, and other contact details which make you close to the very experienced and talented Twitter Customer Support team. We have brought all support tricks for the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom to take this 21 March 2006 born worldwide company.

Twitter Phone Number

Twitter Phone NumberTwitter is providing best services and this company earns a very posh goodwill in the heart of the world that’s why it is a rare thing that you ever need to dial Twitter Customer Service Number but if you need to dial then, help is at hand and this heading will tell you each and every customer care phone number related to the firm. Please have a look.

Twitter Support Number which mostly used in the United States, Canada, and Australia are provided below.


The business hours for the phone number provided above are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week but the business hours may vary due to many of the reasons.

Your location is the United Kingdom and you need to Call Twitter in the office which the company has been established in your country which we have shared with you below.

0843 013 0055

Contact Twitter Support

Twitter Customer ServiceSome other powerful tactics also exist for making you Contact Twitter which we want to share with you through this heading, as we all know that Twitter is famous for Online News and this is a very popular social networking service providing website then, this is an obvious thing that they have developed a lot of Online Support tricks for their customers and this is our fortunate that you can know all those support tricks by us through this heading. Therefore, we request you to look below for knowing those tactics.

Many of times, you have seen that the multinational groups and big companies offer contact us page on the internet from where the people can collect the contact details related to the firm’s CEO, support team as well as other departments and you’ll glad to know that Twitter has developed a contact us page for you where you can find most of the contact details related to the firm and if you are not able to find it through the Internet then, please check the link that is given downwards for that page.

Twitter Contact Us

Another webpage is known as the Twitter Support page and you also may be listened about it because most of the users of this strong social networking website use to take the help of this page for solving many of the issues but if you listened about it the first time then, we love to help you and guide that How To Contact Twitter through that support page.

First of all, you need to know that how to get that page then, we suggest you not to find this page by yourself on Twitter because we have checked that many of fans of the company and some fake people also have created Support pages with the name of the Company, in this condition they can waste your time and they may be harmful to your account but now, you are thinking that if the author is suggesting not to find that support page then, how to get it so, there is no need to worry because we already have mentioned a link downwards which makes you redirect to that support page. Please have a look.

Twitter Support Page

Still, you are not able to get the solution of the problem which you are facing related to the firm then, there is no need to worry a lot because we are with you until your issue will be resolved and now, we are going to introduce with Twitter Help page with you, this page has also a value at the time of searching for the customer support of the company due to this website provided assistance for those who are facing problems in log in or the visitors has been lost their password and much more but we have noticed that many of the customers are not able to find it throught the search engines and if you are among of them then, there is no need to worry because there is a link already given below for making you redirect to that page.

Twitter Help Page

There is another option also in front of you that you can chat with the live representative of the firm through your twitter account, if your account has been hacked or any issue something like this you are facing then, we suggest you that you need to inform your adorable social network providing company as soon as possible because the hacker or any other person who is operating your account, he can create many of issues and this is your responsibility to inform the firm about it by which they will deactivate your account and reissue your password for that account or they may take any other option after confirming your identity. We want to inform you that you have an option by which you can chat with the live representative of the firm by using Twitter Live Chat feature, there is a link provided below by which you can directly redirect to the page where you can use this feature and the support team deployed by the firm for your service is working 24 hours in day and 7 days in a week for your assistance.

Twitter Live Chat

If you have a page on Twitter to take your news or brand and you are facing issue to take it like you haven’t violated Twitter policies but they have suspended your account and any other trouble which you are facing then, there is a page active on that social website, you can reach that page by clicking on the link listed downwards.

Twitter Safety Page

Looking for Twitter Support E-mail then, help is at hand and we want to inform you that there is no e-mail address is especially decided for the customers but there is a way to send your problems to the firm in your writing by filing a ticket with help of the link listed below plus there is an official e-mail address for CEO of the company is also listed below.

Twitter E-mail

E-mail Address For CEO:-

For the mailing address for the company, please have a look below.

Twitter Headquarters 1355 Market St. Ste. 900 San Francisco, CA 94103.


  1. Someone is using my picture, name, email, and phone number without my authorization on a twitter account. I do not, and never have had a twitter account. Please respond to me or my wife in response to my comment. Paulinda Litsey at or Berry Litsey at . If I do not hear from you in a timely manner I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint as well as the FBI to report this identity theft. You can also contact me at . The account in question is . Again, this not me.

    1. Hi Berry, There is an option present on every twitter profile for telling Twitter Customer Service team about the person is violating their terms and conditions then, you may simply report that profile from there or you can contact to Twitter via the support sources present on this web page to draw this problem in their notice.

    2. My account was suspended for absolutely no reason and I want to know why if I didn’t break any rules I’m losing money because of this I wasn’t given any reason as to why it was suspended at all

      1. Hi Kathia, Twitter never suspend any of twitter account without any reason but sometimes it happens due to misconceptions, if you believe that it happened with you then, please write an e-mail to Twitter through the support source present on this web page, the support team of the company will surely solve each and every issue, you are facing from Twitter.

  2. I can’t log in to my other account because Twitter won’t let me. The username is. The email for it is . It won’t show up anywhere but it does exist. I got an email saying that it would be unlocked over a month ago. Please unlock it. I have precious memories and things I need on it.

    1. Hi Brooke, there are many reasons by which Twitter uses to lock accounts and the main reason is safety and security purpose of customer’s account. You can unlock it by clicking on start when it shows your account has been locked then, enter your phone number and they will send a verification code to you via message or phone call, apply that code and unlock your account.

  3. My Twitter account is suspended and I wanna told that it would ‘not be restored.’ I have been wronged and unjustly accused of promoting violence through my account. I have been through everything on my account and have come up empty. I have nothing violent and I have never had that account suspended in the three years I have had it. It seems unethical that I get basically banned without having broken a rule. And even it was just a mistake or whatnot it was a first offense why would I be given a ban? My handle. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. Hi Austyn, If you haven’t violated any rules and regulations as well as the privacy policy of Twitter then, you can Contact the support team for restoring your account via the supportive sources are present on this web page.

      1. My account was suspended for replying to a stupid journalist who spoke on a story that she had no correct information on. I did not threaten her but I did say she was a coon, looked like a man and said reading is fundamental bitch. It was suspended for 12 hours on July 23rd because I guess she reported me for what I said. But I will not delete my comment and I won’t apologize. Now Twitter will not let me log into my account or accept my email address to unlock it and get back in my account. I think they are foreigners. I posed no threat on my account nor posted anything derogatory other than that comment I had made towards that ugly woman. And I am not sorry I’ll say again. I’ll never be sorry. And I will not create a new account. They will not help me nor answer my email I sent them and won’t verify my email. I have made three emails and it did not verify not one of them so I deleted them and made my last email by Yahoo to verify it. I think they are people who do not speak English because I have clicked verify over 100 times and it let’s me go into my account for a second(letting me put my password and username in) then switches me back to confirm your email. And no Twitter support will not help me. They will not even answer their 415-222-8970 number. And I am above 13 years old.

        1. Hi Angel, Twitter has created terms and conditions and anybody go against their T&C and someone will report it then, the company can suspend Twitter account.

  4. hello, my twitter account has been suspended by twitter but i believe ive not violated any rules. the videos were my own fancams. the account is the only thing that keeps me alive so its worrying me every day. it matters a lot to me. ive written a “DMCA counter-notification” and twitter notified that they’ve forwarded it to lumendatabase. what does that mean? will they get back to me? if not, what will happen?

    1. Hi Shu, We are not aware about it that what decision will be taken by Twitter in these types of matters because we don’t know about the complete matter of you then, wait for some time and you’ll surely get a notification about it from Twitter Customer Support team.

  5. My account has been locked for 5 days because I changed my birth date since I am older than 13 but was not when my twitter account was made. I have already sent in an appeal request form and my ID twice. I refuse to make another account since I am well above the age to have a twitter and want my account restored.

    1. Hi Renee, Let’s wait and watch, they may restore your account but if you wan to restore it before five days then, kindly write an E-mail to Twitter regarding your issue along with all required information through the contact source available on this page.

  6. My account was falsely suspended for violating Twitters ToS re: hate speech, but nothing on the account actually violated the rules. I was mass reported by a bunch of TERFs last year and couldn’t get the suspension repealed so I just shrugged and moved on to a new account. The same thing recently happened again, and I’m getting pretty sick and tired of it. Nothing on my account has ever violated the ToS and I would like for an actual person to look at the appeal instead of a word-filtering bot. Twitter is a broken, negative website and if not for the fact that 90% of my networking is done on the site I would wash my hands of it altogether

    1. Hi Nico, we are extremely sorry from Twitter for this mistake, we suggest you to write an e-mail to Twitter regarding this suspension via the contact source present on this page.

  7. My account was permanently suspended and I’ve been trying to create a new account so I can get back on Twitter but every time I create a new account it is suspended for trying to elude the suspension of a permanently suspended account? How do I keep this from happening to me again and create a new account that Twitter will not suspended so I can get back on Twitter and start talking with my friends and enjoying Twitter again?

    1. Please help me with this issue. I just want to get back on Twitter and start all over again fresh. I’m not trying to do anything to break any TOS.

      1. Hi Christopher, If your account has been suspended by Twitter then, you should check the terms and condition of twitter through the official website of the company to understand the problem. If you are facing some other issue then, please feel free to write in comment box.

    2. Hi Christopher, According to Twitter safety policy, if you are permanently suspended from Twitter then, you can not create another account on this website because they have blacklisted your IP address.

  8. Hello. my account got temporarily restricted couple of days ago bec of suspicious activity ( i was going through a hashtag and liking or retweeting a lot of stuff i guess that’s the reason ). so to get my account back twitter needs to send me a verification code on my mobile number which i got connected years ago. but as soon as i click to send me the code it says “sorry it failed, please try again later”. i’ve tried it a lot of times and then i decided to wait for couple of days to see if the problem settles but it keeps saying the same thing. then i checked n found out that twitter doesn’t support my mobile operator so i’m not using the supported carrier n i thought that was the reason why they don’t send me the verification code. but then i remembered that couple of months ago during may they had my account locked again n they actually sent me the code right way to the same number so i’m confused how that’s possible and what’s the exact problem now. just in case is there a way to change my phone number to another when my account is restricted and i can’t go to settings ? because it’s been a while and i’m tired of waiting and not being able to do anything. i wrote twitter support but they don’t respond to me. please help me to get my account back.

    1. Hi Tuffy, It may be that this is a technical issue or it may be your account has been suspended for knowing the correct status, you need to Contact Twitter through the options present on this support page.

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