Weight Watchers Customer Service Phone Number

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This page has been created for informing the tactics for Weight Watchers Customer Service so, the people who are looking for the contact sources for the assistance team of the firm has reached the correct place and we assure you that when you read this article completely then, you never feel to search for the customer service sources for Weight Watchers International plus you’ll feel festal to know that your adorable company has evolved a lot of customer support sources for providing genuine help to you and we have mentioned all those sources below. Please have a look.

Weight Watchers Phone Number

Weight Watchers Customer ServiceWe are going to share the phone number of the company by which you easily contact the service team of the firm. Therefore, we urge you to look below for having an eye on the support number which we have listed below for making your way convenient for reaching the solutions of yours which you are facing to the company.

There is a Weight Watchers Telephone Number given below and this phone number is known as the most supportive and popular service number of the firm.


And the timings applicable to this Weight Watchers Customer Service Phone Number are Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) but timings may vary due to several of the reasons. This number can take some time in answering your call due to the calls of plenty of the customers but the best time to call this number is 8:15 AM.

Weight Watchers Contact

If you have tried a lot and you are unable to get your solutions to take your issues to the Weight Watchers Contact Number then, there is no need to worry too much because we have found some other tricks available on the web by which you can easily contact the customer service team of the firm which we have given below.

We have noticed a support website on the internet which your trustworthy different products providing company has designed for providing the real support to its customers and due to the plenty of the websites that are currently available on the web, it is possible for you to look that website on the internet then, there is no need to be worry because there is link given below for redirecting you to that website.

Weight Watchers Help

Need any assistance in solving any technical issue so, we love to assist you that’s why we have mentioned a link downwards and this link will redirect you a webpage from where you can send an E-mail to the assistance team of the company to take your technical problems which you are facing.

Weight Watchers Technical Support

Unable to Log in the online account which your adorable company has issued to you so, we advise you to click the link mentioned below by which you can easily get the solutions to take your problems.

Weight Watchers Log In Help

We have noticed some of the troubles force us to contact the service team of the firm to take mobile services and there is a link listed below for redirecting you to the webpage which allows you to send an E-mail to the company regarding the issues you are facing to take mobile services and the customer service representative of the company will be in your touch soon.

Weight Watchers Mobile App Assistance

Requiring for the contact us page of the organization but unfortunately, the contact us page is out of reach due to many of the websites are present on the internet then, we are always ready to assist you and there is a link listed below for making you redirect at that webpage.

Weight Watchers Contact Us

If you are searching for the company’s e-mail address then, we are feeling happy to inform you that a webpage is present on the internet by which you can send an email to the firm to take any queries, inquiries or support and the link for that webpage is listed below.


Or you may write on customerservice@weightwatchers.com or team@weightwatchers.com

Weight Watchers Contact Number

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Please feel free to call Weight Watchers Customer Service Number mentioned below for getting instant help to take your problems which you are facing to take the company.

0345 345 1500

Or you may write an E-mail to Weight Watchers E-mail Address listed below applicable for the United Kingdom only.


For online help to take technical support, referral services, and other problems, please click the link mentioned below for redirecting you to the help page evolved by the firm for your service.

Weight Watchers Contact Us UK

Looking for the mailing address for the customer support of the company then, there is a mailing address provided below. Kindly, have a notice.

Weight Watchers Customer Service
Millennium House
Ludlow Road
The United Kingdom


  1. Over six months ago, I joined a weight watchers program on line. Each month you have charged me a certain price on my credit card. I now like to cancel that and do not put it on my credit card any longer.
    Your attention to this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  2. I have tried so many times to contact yous to cancel my account but cannot get a answer. I have called several number and always put on hold an no one ever answers . what will I do. help

    1. Hi Allyson, WW Customer Service team may be busy in attending the call of other customers, you can try this number 1-800-651-6000 for quick response.

  3. I have just tried to cancel my subscription and yous are now saying welcome thanks for subscribing. I want to cancel not rejoin.

    1. Hi Allyson, You need to log in your account on Weight Watchers then, click on help or my profile area and follow the steps present on the web page for WW cancellation.

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