Having an air conditioner is a necessity during the warmer months of the year. It may also be a daily necessity for those who live in warmer climates. That being said, many people don’t consider how their air conditioner functions to keep them cool and comfortable.

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Not only does your air conditioner help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, but it most likely also filters the air as it works, improving your home’s air quality. Air conditioners are designed to work via heat transference, which means that part of the system, like any working machine, gets hot. That being said, your air conditioner also carries refrigerant fluid, which is a key component of the transference process.

If you’ve ever wondered why window air conditioner units “sweat,” it’s the result of the heat transference process. While your air conditioner is emitting cool air into your home, the heat from the internal mechanisms is being ejected from your home via a fan. Due to the phase changes from gas to a liquid, components of your unit will “sweat,” thus resulting in the water discharge.

Although the physical components of an air conditioner might look confusing to a non-engineer, the air conditioning process itself is relatively simple. Heat transference is the key to a working AC unit.


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