Want to know more about drive in racks? This video is perfect for you. Here are the basic things that are covered in the video.
In drive in racks, pallets are arranged in such a way that they may slide backwards on a rail, allowing for more depth storage and freeing up more floor space.

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Forklifts enter the racking from one side to load or unload pallets stored further in the system using Drive-In Racking.
This type of arrangement has only one access into the pallet racks. Pallets of items are loaded onto the rails at the back of the shelving by a forklift driver. Older products are pushed aside to make room for newer ones.
For large quantities of the same or limited SKUs, drive-in pallet racking is an excellent high-density storage option.
It allows deep, compressed storage with a Last-In/First-Out storage system with single-aisle access. A drive-in racking system is a good choice for storing a lot of comparable products in a little amount of space.
Organizations will try to store as many products in as little space as possible in order to save money on freezer or cold storage.
In a warehouse, drive-in racking is more efficient than selective racking, which has multiple aisles with spaces in between allowing access by a forklift because of the number of pallets.

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