In this video, you will learn how to install vinyl fencing of a double driveway gate that will be semi-private and 4 feet tall. Installing this double driveway fence begins by identifying the hollow vinyl post used. An aluminum I-beam will be put into the hollow vinyl post to support the gate, and it will also get hinge screws put on it for the gate doors.
After that, the vinyl post is put right up against the wall where it should be.

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Then the contractor marked the gate on the ground with asphalt to cut it out with the electric jackhammer. This process is relatively simple. When complete, a string line is put parallel to the wall to mark the exact position that the other side of the pole should go. Using a post hole digger with two shovels, the men dig out 30 inches of dirt to make a sizeable hole for the vinyl poles. Shortly after, the poles are put in and sealed with concrete. They are then left to set for 24 hours.

This video is interesting to watch and teaches you some things about putting up a vinyl post. Be sure to keep watching to see how the privacy gate turned out!

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