Every aspect of a fire sprinkler design is important, but there is one component that is the top priority. That component is obviously the sprinklers. When there is a fire, the ceiling around the sprinkler will begin to heat up and once it reaches a certain temperature the sprinkler will go off. This does not mean that every sprinkler will go off at the same exact time.

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The ceiling around each sprinkler has to heat up in order to activate each sprinkler. Meaning, if one sprinkler goes off and can control the fire, the others might never turn on.

Sprinkler systems are filled with water at all times to limit the amount of time between when the fire starts and when the sprinkler can jump to action. Safety is the priority in every sprinkler system. The design and needs of every building are taken into account before a type of sprinkler system is chosen. There are also sprinkler systems that allow firefighters to connect their hoses directly to the building water source in case of emergency. If you would like more information on fire sprinkler systems, please watch the provided video to get more details.


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