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Laminating provides protection for various documents, such as flyers, menus, manuals, and more. They can be a bit tricky to set up, though. This article will describe how to set up and use an industrial laminator.

An industrial laminator utilizes a four-roller system, allowing you to laminate a high volume of documents quickly. It can laminate 33in of paper per minute, and can seal the paper in laminate up to 10mm thick for quality protection.

The first step to using your laminator is to plug it in and turn it on! Pretty easy, right? Next, decide the millimeter thickness of the laminate you’ll be using, and set the temperature dial to the corresponding temperature. There is a table to show this on the machine.

Place the document you need in the laminate pouch, and put the pouch into the cardboard carrier. You need to use the cardboard carrier every time you laminate. When the laminator is ready to go, the ready-run switch will blink. Place the item in lengthwise and let it run through.

For more information on laminators and laminating supplies, follow the link or watch the video above. A laminator is a perfect solution for your professional documenting needs.


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