The information in the video below discusses moving a business and all the equipment a business mover will use. A box dolly is something a business mover should have. It’s okay for the mover to invest in an inexpensive box dolly.

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However, some of them have wheels, and heavy objects sometimes present some challenges. They can cause issues on grass and soft surfaces.

A lengthy aluminum dolly is a more sturdy unit to invest in. Duct-taping a pad to the dolly is advised if the individual is going to use the dolly frequently. This type of dolly holds up more weight and is less likely to cause a challenge. It costs roughly $300.

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An appliance dolly is another item that one should buy to move buildings. The wood furniture goes best on this dolly, as it’s heavy-duty and easy to haul. If the mover is in a pinch with money, they could rent an appliance dolly. The cost of such a dolly is about $400 for a good one.

A four-wheel dolly is a multi-purpose dolly a mover can use for a variety of items, such as pianos and other large items. Some of them come with high-density rubber, and they move right over rocks and terrain and such.

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