If you work a lot in the world of the Cloud, you’ve probably heard the term dedicated server before. But what is it? Keep reading along if you want to figure out what dedicated server hosting is.

It might seem expensive compared to other servers. This is because they provide single tenancy.

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This means that no one else can run on the server you’re occupying. In a normal environment, the host is divided into pieces that you can buy. In a dedicated host, you will be the only one on the server. That means that one customer controls all the sites on the server, as opposed to many different customers.

The reason you’d purchase this is that you don’t have to worry about anyone crashing through and getting your data. Though it’s already secure, this is another layer of security. It also allows you to schedule work close to each other. This will minimize latency and maximize performance. It’s much faster in one physical host.

To hear a detailed explanation of this, watch the article this video. It gives some great insight into the process of using a dedicated server. Reach out to a dedicated server provider today to learn more about the benefits.

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