Has your air conditioning system stopped working? This can be a major issue if you have a hot stretch of weather coming up soon. You will want to call your local contractor for HVAC repairs immediately. In this video, you will learn how to diagnose what might be wrong with your air conditioning unit.

Most air conditioning units are located along the exterior perimeter of the house. They consist of many parts that server many different functions.

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It can be difficult to determine which individual or set of parts is causing the issue. In the video, the first thing the contractor notices is that the blower is still blowing. This means that it is receiving power and that the blower is not the issue. He runs a serious of electrical tests and finds that the fuses are also not the problem. He also checks the circuit breaker. After a number of tests, it seems that the compressor is the issue. Therefore, they will need to order a new compressor, capacitors, and relays. Lastly, he puts everything back the way he found it so that it is all nice and tidy for whoever does the repair.


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