Watch this video to learn the vital facts you should have at your fingertips when facing a criminal charge. Life has a knack for taking unexpected turns we cannot control. A case of mistaken identity can have you facing criminal charges which require you to defend your innocence and find your freedom. The first thing you should do is to get a defense lawyer to handle your case.

It is hard but not impossible to get your criminal case dismissed.

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Your attorney can help you, but they will also require you to work with them for the good of your case. The first thing you need to help with is to come clear on the evidence. Tell them exactly what happened and have witnesses. The advocate will work to ensure that they counter the evidence to raise reasonable doubt in your case. They understand the prosecutor better than you and how everything else works within the judicial system. They exploit the weaknesses to save you from conviction. They can use legal motions to get your case dismissed based on illegal issues identified in the handling. They can negotiate resolutions through deferred prosecution and compromise of a misdemeanor. You can get your case dismissed through trial though it should be the last resort. It is costly and time-consuming. Listen to your attorney because they typically know what they are doing.

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