Watch this video to know the differences between moissanite and diamond. The video also reviews the distinct features between the two elements in terms of their appearance. Many people lack choice when selecting these rare gems for engagement rings and other jewelry items, but these considerations can help them make sound decisions. They include price, beauty, and durability.

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Diamond has been the most popular element known for their durability. Their hard nature makes them withstand any pressure, wear and tear. Diamonds come in distinct colors ranging from grey hues to icy white and yellow. They have very high refractive power to offer very extraordinary brilliance. Clear and white diamonds are more valuable and desirable to consumers. However, diamonds’ price varies depending on cuts, carat, and clarity.

Moissanite is made of carbon and silicone to make it a hard element. These characteristics make it highly resistant to breaking, chipping, and scratching. It illuminates further to offer spectacular brilliance and luster much more than diamond. Its unmatched beauty and durability make it the best choice for jewelry gifts and engagement rings. They are also cheap compared to diamonds.


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