The refrigeration cycle is easier to understand than you might imagine. You have two sides of the system, the hot and the cold side. Between the two, there is a compressor that helps to cool the hot side and push out cold air.

As the thermostat reads a higher temperature, the compressor helps to lower the refrigerant pressure to help lower the temperature of it so that the air that blows over it is going to cool down as well.

The high-pressure and high-temperature gas enters the coil and then raises the pressure of the coolant so that the air is going to be cooled and the heat can be displaced. The heat that is in the hot air is going to be displayed on the outside of the house and through the condenser coil on the outdoor unit.

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The cool air is a result of the indoor air that blows over the refrigerant and then cools. The process is not super difficult to understand, but if you have a system that is not working properly, it’s always going to be better to get a professional in the HVAC career to come and look at your system and figure out what the issue is.


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