You can save time on home or commercial plumbing installations by using a pre-plumbed bathroom system like the one shown in this video made by Abacus Bathrooms. These systems provide heartier wallboard than using water-resistant particleboard and modular sections of plumbing piping as well as framing. All pieces are so lightweight that one individual can move them into place without needing an assistant. You do not need to hire a crew because, with these modular systems, you can do the entire plumbing install on your own and efficiently.

The pre-plumbed system provides everything you need, including the screws, washers, and fixatives. You will need your own plumbing tools but nothing else until you are ready to paint the walls. This pre-plumbed system uses PVC pipes combined with wood framing in 4′ x 8′ sections, so you can install the plumbing and the exterior wall over it to provide a completely finished look without needing to hire anyone.

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You can reduce the typical two weeks to install a bathroom into a long weekend.


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