AFL is an industry-leading company that has recently revolutionized fiber optic splicing. But what exactly are fiber optic splice closures?

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Simply put, fiber optic splice closures are devices that provide space and protection for sealed fiber optic cables that are spliced together. The fiber optic closure connects and stores optical fibers safely.

It can provide protection for the fiber joint and the fiber cables because they have outstanding mechanical strength and strong out shell, which helps ensure that the joints are not damaged. There are many different types of fiber optic closures for users to choose from and help them protect their networks.

AFL’s fiber optic splice closures provide superior splice density with quick and easy-to-use sealing systems, which greatly decrease total installation times and costs.

To optimize fiber management, these closures have molded plastic baskets with no sharp edges or snag points. Plus, each basket is uniquely shaped to minimize unused space in the dome. The universal module design holds 18 single fusion splices, six mass splices, six mechanical splices, or PLC splitter devices.

The AFL closure line as a whole is designed to improve usability, decrease installation time, increase network reliability and increase the density of fiber splices.

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