Amazon is more than an online marketplace! It provides services to other companies, including Netflix, that store data in Amazon’s cloud for a fee to avoid the hassle of operating their own hardware. It’s no surprise that the company needs huge data centers; although, you might be surprised by some of the numbers as revealed in the video!

-These data centers earn around $50 billion annually.
-They contain over 50,000 servers each and transfer 102 terabytes per second
-Each center holds over 1 million gigabytes of data
-Amazon runs a private network to connect data centers in 25 regions with lightning-fast 100GB speeds

Amazon carefully designing infrastructure, including water and power plants and even proprietary data center software. Amazon even runs its own undersea cables! Employees monitor these systems 24/7, and Amazon’s fire suppression plan is among the best.

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Amazon also takes data center security seriously. Guards, cameras, and biometric readers protect each facility. Visitors verify their identities via multifactor authentication and stay near an Amazon employee at all times. Alarms activate if doors remain open too on, and impacted servers shut down immediately in response to a suspected attack. External auditors use a 2,600-point security checklist.

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