Summer camp can be a debatable topic in your household when it comes to how your kids feel about the topic. While some love the idea right away of making new friends, playing games, and, of course, being away from the parents for five weeks, others do not share the same enthusiasm.

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Some kids are wary of going to summer camp because they lack the confidence needed to make new friends, play games for fear they will fail, and so forth. However, this is why it is important to have your child go to said summer camp.

It’s proven that summer camp will help your child gain confidence. It also Help your child understand that electronics and social networking are not everything, which is a major deal in today’s world. Summer camp does allow phones and will give your child a chance to unplug and make actual connections with people outside the internet.

Summer camp will also allow your child to gain useful life skills, including better communication, which will lead to better relationships. These skills will help your child throughout their lifetime. They will also come back with amazing memories and moments that will last a lifetime as well.

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