In this video, you will learn about fuel services. When we are getting gas at a gas station, we often don’t think about how the fuel gets to the station. There is a lot of coordination that goes into fuel import and exports.

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Of course, urgency is key. The demand for fuel is high and it is essential that fuel delivery is urgent. Amazon set a new expectation with retail. They are able to do the same thing with gasoline. Companies with big parking lots partner with fuel services and they get filled up quickly. This concept of fast gas is taken to a new level. There is only one company that goes through parking lots to fill people’s tasks. They wanted to serve everyone by targeting where cars go all the time which are parking lots. You have to start from scratch because the hardware that communicates from the cloud makes magic. When you are delivering flammable liquid to vehicles, safety is important. WIth the growing popularity of electric vehicles, gas delivery services may have an exploration date. For now, they are doing well. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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