Any air conditioning system, large or small, generates a lot of heat. Cooling towers are a way for heat to be removed from the whole cooling system. These cooling systems face a lot of problems like scaling or corrosion that can be helped by water treatments. Here are facts about cooling water treatment systems from Thermochem Corporation.

If cooling towers did not have water treatments, they would take a lot more energy to run.

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Scaling from microbial growth, algae or fungi slows everything down. The whole system may need more downtime. Overall, water treatments help a cooling tower keep running and running more efficiently.

Water treatment for cooling tower units varies in appearance according to what company manufactures them. They often appear like blocky outside air conditioning units with pipes. They usually include automatic filters and computerized sensors. Additional pipes are needed to connect the water treatment to the cooling towers. Sensors monitor such things as pH levels, corrosion rates and inhibitor levels. Inhibitors are chemicals added to water to make sure bad things like fungi, algae or bacteria do not start growing in the cooling tower. Pipes also include bleed valves and flow meters. They help save water in the long run.

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