This video will teach you the proper way to clean veteran marble grave markers. Veteran’s grave markers across the country are often neglected disrespecting the ultimate sacrifice these military members made. A grave mark honoring our veterans deserves proper cleaning and care.

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There is a movement of volunteers across the country that are answering the call to help restore honor and care for the grave markers of veterans.

You can get involved by cleaning veteran grave markers in your own community. First, be sure that you get permission from the cemetery to clean the grave mark.

Cleaning a veteran grave mark should be done with care. Never use a metal scraper that can scratch the stone. Clear away debris that has overgrown the grave mark. Use a handheld whisk brush to clear off the stone. Spray the stone generously with water, let it sit for a few minutes, then use D2 Biological cleaner. Let the stone soak with D2 Biological treatment. Use a soft nylon brush to scrub away staining. A toothbrush can be used for smaller crevices. Get your community involved by organizing events to clean veteran headstones in your community.


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