Foot pain can have all kinds of causes, but if your foot pain just won’t go away, you could have a stress fracture. Runners are particularly prone to these hairline cracks in the bones of their feet, especially in the metatarsals. These fractures feel like dull, radiating pain that gets worse the more you use your feet.

You shouldn’t live with this pain. You should take care of it by seeking medical help.

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Urgent care centers can help you find the best minor fracture treatment for the bones in your feet. The physicians there will likely do a physical examination of your feet to see if they can locate the source of the pain. Once they suspect that the pain is in one of the bones, they may get an x-ray of your foot.

On the x-ray, they should be able to see a small crack on the bone in the area of the pain. If they can’t see a crack, they may use an ultrasound to get a better view of the bones in the foot.

The doctor will likely recommend that you take the weight off your foot. If you’re a runner, you may need to switch to swimming or cycling while your fracture heals.

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