If you live in the midwest, you’re probably familiar with tornado preparedness and what you need in regards to a tornado shelter. Unfortunately, tornados have begun showing up in more areas of the country, and these areas are not prepared for a tunnel when it comes. To start preparation for the next tornado season, check out this video.

When a tornado warning is enacted, you’ll probably only have a few minutes to find a safe place to take cover. With such a short time frame, it is unlikely that you will be able to make it to a community tornado shelter.

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If you are able, you should have one in your home. The best place to find shelter is below ground like a basement or storm shelter.

If there is no basement or shelter in your home, the best place for you to take shelter is in the center of the lowest level in your home. Stay as far away from doors and windows as possible. It’s also a good idea to get under a strong object, like a desk or dining room table. You can also cover yourself with sheets and pillows. Do whatever you can to create a barrier or protection around yourself.


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