Parcel contract auditing involves reviewing details of every delivery made, including whether the entry was completed correctly and on time. These audits are done using software to avoid making errors during data entry.

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Here is how parcel contract auditing works.
A detailed parcel audit is undertaken by software that reviews every invoice and identifies errors and opportunities for saving. Some of these errors include late deliveries, incorrect surcharges, incorrect weight charges, duplicate charges, and missed discounts.
When the software finds this error, it evaluates the validity of the issue and creates a tracking number for that delivery. Then it sends out a request for a refund to the parcel carrier. Once the carrier approves the refund request, the refund is credited to the company or persona who made the order.
This software helps a carrier company cut shipping costs by minimizing shipping errors. It also enables the carrier company to identify areas that need improvement in the shipping process. Click on the video above to learn more about how parcel contract editing works.

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