Every dog needs plenty of protein to maintain their health. In the wild, a dog’s diet is virtually all protein garnered from the meat they eat. While there has been some controversy about how much protein dogs really need, everyone agrees that they need a lot of it in their diet. Some studies have shown that they can’t get too much in their diets, unlike humans.

There is not a single amount of protein that is right for all dogs to eat. Instead, it’s important to look at the dog’s activity level and current life stage.

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The best food for puppies is one formulated for puppies. These foods have the higher level of proteins that puppies need in order to grow. Dogs who are pregnant or lactating also need extra amounts of protein in their diets. For most dogs, getting the right dog food that matches their life stage is a safe bet.

Some dogs may have a health condition that changes the amount of protein they need. If you are concerned about how much protein your dog is getting, talk to your veterinarian when you bring your dog in for their next checkup to find out more.


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