If you own a zero turn mower, you should learn as much about it as you can. The video offers some facts and insight into the basic operation of this type of mower. Before you operate this piece of machinery you should take measures to protect your hearing.

Video Source

You can use over-the-head earphones or ear plugs. Either one will do.

Getting Started

To get started, make sure the mower deck is up. You must also make sure that the emergency brake is in the up position and the handlebars are out. If they are in, the mower will not start. You should also put the throttle half-way up. When all this is set, start the engine.

How to Control the Mower

There are four basic movements. To go forward, bring the handlebars in and push both of them forward at the same time. To go backward, move the handlebars back at the same time. To go left, push the left handlebar forward and the right one back. To go right, push the right bar forward and the left one back. The more you practice these movements, the smoother they will become. You can also control the speed of the mower. The harder and faster you push the handlebars forward or backward, the faster you will go. One more thing to note. When you let go of the handles, they will return to the neutral position. When in neutral, the mower will not move.


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