In this video, you will learn about heating oil. DIstilling is the first process. After oil is superheated, it becomes vapor.

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As it rises and cools, the vapor turns into a liquid. The lighter and medium-weight liquids require less processing before they are used in trucks. A process called cracking is used to maximize the usage of heavy carbon. Using a catalyst, these molecules can be broken into smaller chains. This breaks the oils into smaller chains. One of the products separated in the process is crude oils. The number of molecules is the same as the molecules found in gasoline. Blending is a process of mixing refinding products. Gasoline is blended to achieve octane standards. Regular and premium meet the needs of certain engine types. Treating is a process used to make cleaner gasoline. Gasoline molecules contain sulfur that can be removed. When they come in contact with a catalyst, it strips the sulfur away. If you are interested in lending more bout distilling, keep watching this video for more information.

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